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Leadlight Gamma + Bandcamp Soundtrack

A sale hosted by Wade Clarke
Buy for 75% off!
This sale ended 2018-06-27 05:00:00.

Here's the deal for the Leadlight Gamma + Bandcamp Soundtrack sale:

* You get 75% off text-adventure-horror-CRPG Leadlight Gamma
* You get a free coupon for the soundtrack on Bandcamp

So you get both for US$1.67. That's a $10 saving or 85% off.

(Regular minimum cost of the game (US$6.66) plus the Bandcamp soundtrack (US$5) = $11.66)

This deal will be live for the duration of's June 20-27 2018 sale week.

PS - The purchased game is downloadable immediately, however the soundtrack coupons are processed manually, so you will receive your coupon by email within 48 hours of your purchase.

Interactive fiction / survival horror / CRPG