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Doodle Studio 95 Mid Year Season Sale!

A sale hosted by Fernando Ramallo
Buy for 20% off!
This sale ended 2018-06-27 05:00:00.

It's the summer sale! But it's also winter in the southern hemisphere! So I'm calling it the MID YEAR SEASON SALE

Get Doodle Studio 95! at a discounted minimum price or at a discounted recommended price!


* Price: $20 $15.96 minimum*, $45 $36 recommended

DOODLE STUDIO 95 is a FUN drawing and animation tool for Unity.

Doodle an animation without leaving the Editor and turn your drawings into sprites, UI elements, particles or textures, with a single click.


  • Draw inside the Unity Editor
  • Easy presets for backgrounds, characters and UI elements
  • Example scenes with 2.5D characters, foliage, speech bubbles and transitions, with reusable scripts
  • Draw and animate inside the Scene View (beta)
  • Shadow-casting shaders
  • Don’t think about materials or image formats, it Just Works.
  • Five Symmetry modes
  • Record mode adds frames as you draw
  • Record a sound with a single click! Boop!
  • Easy API for using animations with scripts
  • Convert to sprite sheets or GIFs
  • ...and more


Check out the Manual for more information


Check out an interactive showcase of the examples that come with Doodle Studio 95.


DS95 was made while making The Stakes Are Too High, a surreal adventure about the American healthcare system, available here

See what people are making with #doodlestudio95 on Twitter!


Requires Unity 5.6.5+ and one license per seat. If you're an educator, contact us. *to bring DS95 to more creators,  we subsidize the full price, effectively giving an optional discount. This is meant for students, new artists, underrepresented people or anyone struggling financially . If this doesn't apply to you, please consider purchasing at full price.

a fun hand-drawn animation tool for Unity!