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A bundle hosted by Berdandy Studios
Buy everything for $35.95! Regularly $56.95 Save 36%!
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All of my tabletop games planned for release in 2018 are available in this handy-dandy bundle. As the games in this bundle get released, the price will increase. Buy early to save the most.

I'll state that again. As a game is released, that game will be no longer have a pre-order discount, and this bundle price will increase. The game will not be removed from this bundle, so buying earlier is a better deal.

Occasionally, new games may be added to this bundle during 2018 if they're particularly compelling to create (for example, Conspiracy Theory). This also will increase the price for people who have not yet purchased.

If you have already purchased the bundle, your price will not increase.

This pre-order model is my alternative to a Patreon-style funding model, and helps me make more games. Thanks for your support!

Update 1: Conspiracy Theory Released!

Update 2: PitchFest (Physical Format) Released!

Update 3: PitchFest (Print-and Play Format) Released!

Includes the following items:

Follow a month in the life of a dumpster fire of a band on a train wreck of an album tour.
Trapped in a cabin with horrible people, keep quiet or risk attracting unwanted attention.
The premiere tabletop video game design fundraising simulator
An epistolary 2-player story game about letter-writing, paper folding and demonic contracts.
Tabletop worldbuilding game that creates and solves a conspiracy in a single session