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Pay What You Want

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Alcarys Complex is now "pay what you want" for the foreseeable future. I have left independent game dev almost completely and no longer have the time or energy to make games or maintain what I have already made. All development on Alcarys Complex has ceased, and it can be considered final - no new versions will be produced and the game will not be made available on any storefront other than

I want to thank everyone who has shown any sort of support for my creative output. Whether you backed the Kickstarter or bought the game in a bundle, or simply played the demo and sent me some feedback, I appreciate it and your support helped me make it through some hard times. This year has been especially hard, as I have had to confront the reality that all I had planned to do wasn't sustainable.

If you would like to donate above the minimum price, feel free, but don't feel obligated to. The game is now, for all intents and purposes, freeware. If you want to follow someone who can hold down a full-time job and make thoughtful and dazzling games,  @bravemule's your best bet.

Take care


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