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ah yes


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very fun game

i'm already addicted

my best is 4 simultaneous giant golems

pretty fun game but i think it could be improve

the energy bar is really not stand out from most thing so it's really hard to tell if you have enough energy to use special move

i think it should be bigger and have some bright effect when close to 0 energy

and personally i think there should be some indication of where you will land when holding jump

unless you want that to be part of the skill you want player to learn i think it would be really nice

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for people who confused about how the game work

as far as i know the main pieces is still black and white

but when a main piece step on a colored tile, the piece with that color will be controlled by the player with the piece on the tile until that piece goes away

you can only have 1 piece on each color

and when a side is controlling a specific color, the tile with that color can't be access by the other side

pawn go to around the middle will turn into queen and i don't really know exactly how

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got 90060 on 7277277272

big brain

explain how the robot movement function work pls i cant make a machine without this information

if this dont filled all the map then restart cuz some how it broke sometime

this is pretty suprise becuz when i think it stop it just blow up again

lv15 look like a sandbox mode