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This game is really good, i like concept and story. But can the attacking mechanic be changed a little bit like speed attacking based on how fast you click ? I find it quite uncomfortable when the attack doesn't sync with my mouse click (or maybe upgradable atk speed (?) ). That's not a problem if it isn't possible.

Anyway, can't wait for the full release :D

Just found out that i go to the wrong door in the first level (i didn't know i was supposed to get back to the exit door XD). Anyway thanks for the info. Keep up the good work :D !

Hey there ! This game looks interesting but why did it crash every time after the Moving In ... loading screen. It also crashed when i want to open the options. Am i missing something here ?

Hey, i just played recently and why some of game text shows up so slowly, and i can't open the first door after i got the key. Am i missing something or is this a bug ? I'm confused rn