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Once the game is complete will it have a price or will it still be free?

I like what you have so far. :D


I know this may sound like a silly question, but will the cheat menu that gives you the ability to add points to stats and money be removed in the future or will it still be present?

Since the game is an update of the origional one. Would you be using some of the old coding or starting from scratch?

Just wondering. :)

Loved the original and also love where this one is going.

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Are there going to be any hands free controls?

I really like what you have so far.

For some reason when I extract the game I get this error. But I can still play the game if I skip it but then I don't have any access the gallery. If you know why that would be very helpful. :)

I really enjoyed the game but for some reason I keep getting a pink screen on the last chapter. and I'm not sure if it's my laptop but the controls seem to have a bit of lag. But besides that really liked the game. If you know why I keep getting a pink screen on the game that would be quite helpful.

will the full game be free?

nice start

hope to see it finshed