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Zyro Games

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get winRAR

The staff is too op and can shoot through walls

very fun although he is too hard. I would add difficulty options 

what are the controls?

I started to control the animals and flew my bird into the pipe but couldn't get him further than when it started to go upwards. I'm not sure what to do

Fun but it can get too long and too easy if you just fill rooms with minotaurs. I got to round 40 but it was fun while I played. It would be nice to be able to move troops between rooms

I have waited over a decade for this..... and it is PERFECT!

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fits the theme but I got rick rolled... 5/5

My ears fell of and I couldn't get past the main menu

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Why do you have to go back to the start every time?! The ground friction is also very broken but I like the concept . Sorry if I seem a bit harsh

Cool, but it is hard to tell whether to slide or jump.

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Very fun game to play but after a while it feels very grindy and a lot of the caves feel the same but just with different amounts of ores. If after the jam you could make the caves seem more epic and beautiful, it would drastically improve the game. But overall good game which I had a fun 45 mins playing :) Also it was very fun watching you make the game;)