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gotcha, I'll look into this!

huh, thanks for the report. do you remember where this error occurred?

glad you're enjoying! <3

-sadly dig-16 is kind of a slower-paced game in general, i may tweak the tier 1 gun crafting times in beta 2 since it would be a little nicer to get players into the good stuff quicker.
-the intent behind the large timer was to have players focus on building up the rigs on their existing planets while unlocking the next one, but i can see how this might not be perfect design. i'll put that on the list of things to consider too.
-i've been thinking of adding a jukebox to the office where you can manually choose which songs to listen to, that way it's not always changing when going to new planets. i like the idea of keeping songs "locked" behind planets, but in future versions you'll most likely have more than one song available to start out with.

enjoy the absolute lack of horror elements!

F4 toggles fullscreen, and there is a discord server already (link can be found in the office in-game or on our site

not in this version, since they're just meant to be cheeky one-time items. however, i've been wanting to experiment with doing something special with them later on down the line -- maybe it'll be the ability to craft them? we'll see :>

hey, glad you're enjoying! sadly there is currently no way to change your rig type after initially building it, but this feature will be added in beta 2.

oh no. that is a pretty severe bug lol, i don't know how i missed that x)

thanks so much for the reports, i'll be fixing/making these more clear later on.

i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying!

blueprints can be found near the bottom of the shop; you'll have to scroll your mouse wheel down to see them.

i'll be honest, i have no idea what vulkan or failed assertions are lol. i made this game with a legacy version of game maker, which doesn't use either of those terms in it, so unfortunately i don't think i can help you with this :(

glad you're liking the game <3

-later on, auto dps vs. manual dps changes a lot depending on the weapons you use in your rig!

-unfortunately due to me using a legacy version of game maker to create dig-16, i don't have any options available for custom resolutions. sorry about that ;(

-inventory collapsing and hiding purchased in the shop are great ideas, i'll see about implementing them in the next build!

i would love to see this developed into a full length commercial release, this game has big potential for more!

saw this game via jaimers on youtube and my god this game is adorable, i adore the art style <3

<33 happy to help!

Thanks for the quick fix! There are a few other things I noticed which might interest you:

Satelite = Satellite (two Ls)
Strenght = Strength (swap T and H)
Lenght = Length (swap T and H)

Red and Yellow Satellites are called Sondas in-game, but called Satellites in the Hangar

it seems like this latest update added a bug where visual artifacts (fake ships mostly) start to pile up a lot by end game :(

love it <3 adorable and fun