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Ok, well.... Thank you ! 

Hello Eli, would it be possible to port this plugin to the MV?

MV project is an ABS using the Cross engine and Mog Chrono Engine, so unfortunately there is no way for me to switch to MZ, if possible I want to use your wonderful plugin to create the hp bar over the events, instead of static on the screen as it is the system default , anyway , thank you very much !

Helo! Well the multi-frame I use is included in the Moghunter plugin.:

MOG_CharPoses (multi frame)

Anyway, thank you very much!

Thanks for the answer! Well, I'll leave an example attached here.

I hope it helps.

Hi, my name is Luiz Felipe, and I'm using your plugin, I made all the settings for my game, but I use a multi-frame plugin and my character has more than 3 frames, if you can tell me which piece of code that if you make this adjustment I would appreciate it very much.