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This is actually really nice. Took me by surprise but i really enjoyed that

Great atmosphere, Level Design and Sound Design. Everything packed together nicely into a short little horror game.. Great Job and really excited to play your Upcoming Games

Really enjoyed this game and the atmosphere

I enjoyed that but it was sometimes a bit hard to say what is evidence or not since I couldn't detect any visual differences between normal sheet of papers lying around (Would have loved to be able to read those as well). I might take a bath now with the new treasure i found

Nice little game. Making this in 1 day is quite impressive

An interesting experience.. I enjoyed it.

I like the style you are going for but I think there might be room for some improvement in the sound department since there isn't anything. Not anything big since i think too much can ruin these styles of games very fast just some subtle stuff like heavy breathing or just fitting sounds in general when interacting with stuff (creeking door or footsteps when walking down the stairs)

you have no soul..

anyway nice little game