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Really nice game. Maybe limit the range of the canons? Now I can just stay out of the pirates sight and shoot at them. 

Me: Yay! My blood pressure: Nooo! 
Really great game!

Looks great and is actually really creepy. At first I thought I had to find arrows to shoot as I couldn't see any. Really fun game. 

Like this a lot. Cute characters. Did way better than in real life. :)

Beautiful game with a great message.

Älskar det!

Beautiful and just enough hard for an hour of puzzles.  Had to restart it once, since the hat went missing. Don't know if I dropped it somewhere or if it dissapered. A save feature would be nice.  Rated 5 stars. 

Really a nice game. I would like to explore more of the planet, but the oxygen tank is to small and I'm constantly hungry. A greenhouse will be great and maybe a bigger oxygen tank or some mobile refill device/station thing.
Then. I'm not able to place the crafting table inside the base. I can still use it from the inside, but it looks a bit strange.