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Thanks mate. I totally forgot to upload it. Guys should know the complete story of the feud between Mike and Beethoven ;-) Glad you like it!

Very impressive. I will use them for every the rest of the speccy community ;-) So you are one of the most influential guys :-) By the  way, how can i PM you ?

Updated :-) Thanks for your brilliant work!

Updated. Thanks for all the wonderful fonts!!!!

Hi Damien,

sure i will change it in the credit text.

Thanks for playing. I am glad you are enjoying it :-) The picture you found shows the original Mecki.

Many thanks for playing our little game. Good video :-)

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You can download two different versions - only the loading screens are different, so no difference in the game.  After you downloaded it you can play it on every ZX Spectrum Emulator. Cheers :-)

Many thanks for your brilliant walkthrough. Don't miss the physical release of the game. Coming soon (means not that late ;-))

Hi mate, i used AGDmaxi. Allan squished most of the bugs of the engine. Now it is working fine :-) Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks a lot! Hmh, i hope to find some commodorians to convert the game. I will keep you updated :-)

YNWA! Thanks for scoring ;-) LFC would need Moritz right now :-))))

I am happy that you like it :-)

Thanks for playing :-)