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I want publish some demo of your game just only if you wish. Mail me Congrats for your work looks awespome.

Awesome Floppy ! This game is getting a good evolution. As an idea maybe smelly cat can get some limiet bones to distract dogs to pass and get easier the fishes. It´s just an idea. Anyway, this game is pretty fun. A video to honor all your effort at the moment. Thanks !

Simple and pretty entertainment game. Thanks and congrats !

Great work. Congrats !

Great thinking game !

Awesome game !

Nice version ! As always pretty difficult game.

This one is a little easy than Amstrad CPC version but really a nice game. Congrats Mojon Twins and thanks !

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Great game !

Better than ever !

great game for halloween !

Awesome game !

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Awesome game !! Please more games with nex extension.

Awesome game !

Interesting game ! with music will be awesome.

Good little game !

Nice game !

If you have a demo version ? I will help you if you wish to publish your games. Write at

interesting preview game !

Great game ! I tale note that when you press Q and A keys at the same time the game turns on a gray picture.

Awesome game !

Why do always coders program in basic ?

A promising game. Congrats !

Hi, I´m ZX Spectrum Star. If there is a demo to publish your game it would be my pleasure to share a video in my channel and in my facebook groups in order cheering gamers to buy your game. If you wish email me to : Best wishes !

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Oh, I don´t have instagram. what´s your email please ?? Mine is This channel is to help and support all great ZX Spectrum / ZX Spectrum Next authors like you by publishing your works. By the way, Thanks in advance for your kind response and congrats for your game.

Is there a demo version ?

Pretty interesting game !! Congrats !

Good game !


Awesome ! When is the final release ?

Awesome game Minilop ! Receive our sincere congrats. A full demo play in your honor :

Great !

Nice game ! Just only get audio.

Great game !

Nice game !

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Awesome game ! This is a really masterpiece  of genius who likes code and art for sure.

Agreed. And you too Hick ! Greetings.

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Awesome mixed game ! My sincere congrats.  A video in your honor.

Pretty nice and entertainment game ! Congrats Buck !