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So I tried to play the game again and check what will happen if I choose different choices. The part where Rin chose to go with Nicolas to buy popsicle at Seven's, suddenly two Nicolas appeared when we tried to save Leon. The first time I played, Rin went with Nicolas. The second, she went alone. And at the third time, she went with Nicolas then two of him was there. There's a bug or glitch I suppose? And also, I can't change the name of MC anymore. The page where we will write it won't appear when starting a new game.

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1) I play the Windows version and so far I have not run into any bugs or glitches. The game went smoothly.

2) I love this game, even if it's only the demo. I enjoyed it a lot. I'm not really fond of this kind of genre but this game is an exception. That was short-lived experience since it's only a demo and now I keep looking forward for more.

3) The background is fine, with or without the heatwave. I appreciate that it wants to feel more realistic, and actually it kinda is because of the art. I think that the colors of the background is enough to make it feel like it's really summer and hot. So the heatwave is just adding more to the hot effect, I guess. 

4) The writing is good. Easy to understand and intriguing. The story flow well, you can't help but wait for more. The conversation between Rin and Nicolas is entertaining.

5) The text box. I'm not really comfortable with it changing every time. It distracts me from focusing on the text since I have to look where it's pointing every time. I think that it's fine if it changes shape but the pointing is not really that important since the name of the one who's saying it is already written there. 

6) The timer for the choices. This really got me I panicked and click whatever. It's realistic because in real life, you are not given the luxury of time to choose what to do in a certain situation. You have to think and decide quick, especially if life is on the line, so this is my favorite so far since it's the first game where I encounter this. 

I am really glad that I found this game. I was hesitating at first if I should play it but turns out that it was one of the best decision I've made in my life (lololol *insert right choice indicator). I love the music, the characters, the story,  and the art. Thank you for creating this wonderful game.

The uniqueness of every route is one of its good point. If you read the story in every route very well by heart, you can feel the connection between them. In my opinion, Karma has the best route. Though I must admit that I didn't like Fritz route that much because some things felt so sudden... however his route have its own charm.

All of the characters are loveable too.  My top three favorites are Waltz, Karma and Rod. I'm deeply inlove with Waltz. Why do you have to make him so charming? 

Anyway I recommend you to play this game. Don't think twice, you'll never regret it.

Does this game doesn't work with windows 10?