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zwirbelspitz & fulgarella

A member registered Mar 26, 2019

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Thanks for the info. I found that out myself after some tries.

I was looking forward to playing this game. Unluckily it's not possible to use the items from the inventory. The inventory screen is too big and can't be moved. You should do something about it. Otherwise interaction between items and objects is not possible, and it would be interesting to see how the story continues.

I love the final song. It's the first time I hear sharks sing.

A good idea. Could be the prototype of a longer game. You should definitely try it out. Greetings to Freddy.

I just solved the puzzle for the hidden room by trial and error. Yes, that worked well.

An absolute treasure!

Reminds me of "Tasty Planet - Back for seconds" and "Tasty Planet Forever". Nice idea.

The Bitsy Cat Game of the Year with a deep message: Never leave kitties in a room alone with a knife.

Disturbing contents. Seems to be less a horror story than the story of a psychopath lost in his weird imagination. Please work on your English.

I like especially the different appearances of the narrator, that they don't look the same all the time. They are voiceacted by my cat, so it sounds a bit weird. Enjoyable and unique, good work.

Thousands of people played this game, and so did I.

What I like is not only the story, but also the pixel graphics. They make the ambience especially creepy, for example the characters, when following the path with the footprints. I like that the two paths show two different stories, so it's worth playing both of them. The puzzles are well done, and I felt so sorry for the poor "heartless" fish.

Best of all are the names of the music tracks and the bands. I laughed a lot.

You did a really good job! The music fits, it makes the atmosphere really spooky, and compliments for the wonderful illustrations. We like stories with multiple choices and endings so that a game can be played more than once. Well done.

Thanks, that makes me very proud. Thanks very much for your nice comment on YT too. And - your avatar is also very cute - especially on itch. :-)

The mixture of tragic (the girl's life and fate) and cuteness (cats) is very well done. I like the idea with the mythology/astrology/tarot background. We get to know something about a single woman's life, her relationships, her job problems, and that it's very important to have at least one very good friend and some kitties as guiding lights.

Cute little remake. Nice to see the black cat again.

I played it and liked it. A new version of the story, well done. I found 3 endings. How many are there? Best wishes to you!

Thanks a lot. We did our best and it was worth it.

Hi, we really enjoyed your experimental game with the unique graphics and the cosmic horror elements. The Messiah-idea is a very good one, like The Creature and the Creator of the Universe. All in all - a quite good experience!

I like the combination of typing game and dating sim. I played four times and each time was a unique experience. Well done, a nice shortie.

How do you know? It helps promoting the game.

The intro was longer than the game. :-) One minute of fun, a funny surprise, and a painful scream.

Hey, you did a quite good job. At the end it was even a bit creepy.

An emotional game as always. I like your way of storytelling very much. We've already seen this cat very often, always with another name. The island and the deep thoughts remind me of "A garden on the sea". I'm a fan of your games, you did quite well, but please - improve your English (e.g. lamb - lamp).

A neat little creepy game. We liked it. The graphics are something special and the horror atmosphere is done quite well.

This game is so much fun and worth playing. The final enemy is cool, you should get an Oscar for the best costume. First it was static, but luckily I could revive it.

Thank you back. We are very glad about your feedback. Yes, we are really funny ones. See you!

No matter what others say, I like this short game. I wonder who's worse - Grandpa or Timmy? Each of them has a strange taste. Well done.

Hi, this game was a lot of fun for us. Here we could show our natural stupidity. It's difficult to be more stupid than a stupid robot, but we did it. The second cat drawing is a real masterpiece.

No problem. I'm not an English native speaker too. You did your best, I guess.

Thank you for the info. I thought so, because I didn't find more. This must have been a lot of work. Just a friendly hint: The English in this game isn't the best. You should let someone correct it.

Quite good. I like the idea and the "ghost girl". How many endings are there?

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A quite fun game. We laughed a lot and the idea is very good. My cat voiceacted Howard, it sounds cute. The typing challenge is a bit mean for people who don't have English as their mother tongue or aren't good at typing, but it's worth a try. The artifact and the goddess are sooo well-drawn like Howard and scared Tilda. We like both endings, they both made us grin.

A good idea. Could be the prologue of a longer game with different sceneries and characters to talk to, not only phone calls and thoughts while going by train.

Many people already played this, and now here we are. A quite good game, could be a bit more creepy, but it was fun. Keep up the good work. We ask ourselves what really happened to our friend. Is she still alive?

Aaah, very clever and tricky! Thanx for the information!

It's a very good game, a quite good idea with the different paths, the different tasks, and the different endings. Could you please tell us how to get Ending 2?

There should be added some things, e.g. every day another task and a visible enemy chasing you. Otherwise it gets boring doing the same every day to please him and get to bed afterwards. I'm not sure if sacrificing yourself is really a good ending. I would like to see "God", eventually as final boss that can be defeated. It's a good idea, but the scenery looks a bit empty despite the "sacrifices". It would also be great to get to know something about the background story after each day.

Well done! This little game gave me "Amnesia" vibes. Could be the prologue or the first chapter of a longer game. Hopefully there will be a sequel once with maybe more than one ending.