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This feels impossible. Like, we're seeing top pico-8 right now. Amazing. You're great!

My 5yo kid has just finished the game, and liked it very much! We wish it was a bit longer, with more concepts :) Thank you!

Hey, have you seen the might-be-sequel in the same game jam? :)

Lovely indeed! Everything's so pretty, the story is solid, and the choice at the end is both deep and silly. Like, how many times do we choose the opposite in real life.

Wow, this was not short at all compared to most entries to this jam. Participating in many jams certainly shows your skill — this one was a nice adventure. Got two endings, I wonder if there are more.

Too late Larry! Saw that coming indeed, but it rhymes with another game on this jam perfectly :) Like, we need a threequel!


This feels like a thing Bitsy was made for indeed :)

Ghost families are so cute! I especially liked the scale of the ship, and all the details like pipes and wooden floors.

I loved the minimalism of it; played twice to have a better look at the ship.

This was a great journey into a ghost :) Very unexpected and charming. Thanks :)

Yay, I'm the champ! Backgrounds are excellent, and I liked the game mechanic: that's pretty rare in the Bitsy scene, usually it's just walking and talking :)

The "Big Time Dead" refrains are hilarious :) Expected ghosts to move through things, but I guess it's like with zombies: some are fast, some are slow, some have day jobs.

Had four rides, always fun. Thanks!

Absolutely loved the graphics, the roughness of it, which contributed to atmosphere! And there were so many special effects, sometimes it didn't even feel made in bitsy. I guess you had to do much copy-pasting :) Thanks for the game!

So did I... get shipped? Feels both exciting and confusing. I want an egg.

While super-simple, it delivers a message, and that's great.

Very cute, simple, but with a puzzle to solve. My kids loved playing through it. I wanted more :)

What's great: it's short, simple, thoughtful, funny, with clear rules. I liked spending ten minutes on it, and there wasn't a level on which I stuck. What could be improved: it's too short and too simple. There's a potential for a sequel, which challenges a player a bit more.

Very simple, but I liked the idea. Repetition is the key — the way you had to jump over Oshawott again and again was funny and a bit against what I wanted :)

An inspiring story, done in a perfect medium. Graphics is amazing — so many little details! I especially liked the flight from London to Chicago. Thank you!