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I've been following this game for over two years now when I first found gifs of it on Imgur. I downloaded the demo on Steam a while back and absolutely loved the game! It's everything I've ever wanted it to be. When this game finally does release in full, I hope there will be some kind of ultimate collectors edition because the developers deserve every penny! 11/10

It's C not O.

I can't even jump over the first spike. It looks like I can clear it, but it still says game over.

You guys deserved 1st place in my eyes. I can't wait to see where this game goes and to play all the other great games I know you will be making.

Very cool concept. I'd suggest that there be a mouse over description for each card, like "Mine: Yields X ore", "Eat: Regain X energy and X hunger", and "Bow: Deals X damage to attacking enemies". Minor things like that help out and allow for the players to understand what they are doing without the need of a tutorial telling you what each card does.

I'll have to try and see if I can get that far.

A suggestion I just thought of is being able to see what cards and how many are in my deck. That way I can safely shred the right cards.

Got to floor 9 before dying. This is an amazing game! I found a "bug" where I can use the drain attack on a chest over and over to regen all my health. I'm very interested in seeing how this game will develop and look forward to it. Thank you so much for this.

I can't click the 'Go Onward' text at all.

I like the concept, but my god are the controls slippery. I can't jump or move accurately without sliding all over the place.

I must be missing something, because how do you get the key past the barricades if you can only hold one item at a time and the barricades block you if you aren't holding the orb.