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Is fun, I enjoy. 10/10

Keep up the great work.

Seems cute.

Good to know, thank you for the timely response.

Loving the game so far, just had a question and a possible bug:

For equipment, it will have [0/10] or [2/10] followed by a stat. What does this mean?

Sometimes when that bottom right window pops up it just never goes away. I changed it so it's now over on the bottom left, because it would cover certain buttons elsewise. I have to refresh for that window to go away.

Wow, that does sound great! I look forward to seeing what you do from here on out, I'm a fan so far.

While I do wish there was more to this, the simplicity and relaxed nature of it is very much appreciated. I started by slapping down a burger stand, went to water my cactus, and came back to having $10,000! So from there I could freely build. I think scenery items like trees and statues, terrain features like water and flowers, and being able to buy more land to expand the park outward would be awesome! Eventually you'd end up with a pixel art park of your own creation. These features could all just be visual too and I'd welcome them. I look forward to seeing more great things from you, 5/5!

What an experience this was. Fantastic game! I think something that might get looked over, but proves just how great you are at game design is that from each checkpoint if you reset or died you could almost immediately jump back into the challenge. It didn't start the cycle of obstacles in an awkward space where you had to wait 10 or 15 seconds before you could actually start playing again. I look forward to seeing more great things from you. 5/5

I got soft locked in the second level. You can go up to the very top and then jump back up through the semisolid platforms and be unable to jump to the platform above, but you are stuck on a platform already between two pieces of ground. I'm guessing there was some kind of double jump power I didn't have or maybe there was just something else I missed, but luckily I could quit the level. Not a bad game, I really enjoyed what little I played.

I can spam the spacebar and get over 70. Not sure if intended, but it's a fun game.

I had to unfollow you just to follow you again! 5/5 game, could see this in an arcade eating all my allowance.

Easy 5/5. What a fantastic concept, would love to see this stretched out even further. I could spend hours and hours playing a game like this with upgrades and gear.

I love that there is no transition between levels, so you might already be jumping in the next level and have to quickly adjust to that. While some may find that as a negative, I felt like it flowed so much better and it feels rewarding just to continue as soon as the board changes. 5/5 Keep up the great work.

Really digging this game. My main complaint is how hard it is to get food. Every other resource has a way to get more or double the value when you make a connection. I've got nearly 1000 lumber, but less than 40 apples. Kind of minor and maybe intended as all this does is allow for offline resource gathering.

Easy 5/5 game


The chain connection controls are difficult, because I can't tell if I am about to make a chain or nothing is going to happen. I think you can click the same hook twice which is causing this confusion for me when it really should be you could only click a hook once. Also, maybe a "ghost" chain can be drawn to show that I already clicked on a hook and now when I click on another different hook the chain will materialize or if I click on empty space the "ghost" chain disappears.

Cool concept though, would be fun to run around in.

Very, very cool game! Adding this to my folder of daily games. Once I realized I could use letters not shown I unlocked.

I like this game. It's very comfy.

I like it. My only critique is that because there are so many glowing and outline effects on objects as well as the two characters you control, it can be easy to forget who you are controlling. Maybe drop the glow/outline for the character you aren't in control of or change the sprite entirely for the one you are in control of.

I found a pot of gold which I ate and it reset my game. did I win?

2050 before I gave up.

It's not very clear what I should be doing. I can't get past the first screen.

Can roads be removed? I built to many and it became a mess.

Outstanding game. It took me a moment to understand that I didn't have to solve from first to last in order and that I could make a word, but if it didn't turn green it's not because it's not an acceptable word it's that if I spelled that I wouldn't be able to spell four other words. Easy 5/5.

I'm glad you went back over it. The camera is very zoomed in which leads to a lot of blind jumps. I also fell into a pit that went out of bounds and I just kept falling instead of the level resetting. The horizontal moving platforms don't carry the character, you have to move with them or else you fall off. And I nitpick but it's still an annoyance is that on level 2 the vertically moving platform starts moving before I could humanly get to it and there really isn't much of a challenge to get there. So I sit there waiting for it to come back down which is is boring. I suggest flipping it so that the platform starts at the top and then lowers to the player rather than how it is now. Keep up the great work though. I look forward to seeing this game evolve over time.

Bert is a real cutie! Love the game play.

Nice concept. Would be cool to see where this goes.

I don't know if you play tested this or not, but level three seems impossible. There are two paths, one is a wall I can't jump over and the other is an unavoidable saw blade. I've tried pressing every button to see if maybe there is something I am missing, but I can't figure this out at all.

I don't really understand what is going on, but it's cute and I like it. I imagine that the dialogue has something to do with a struggle or journey and the character reflecting on it? I hope an English version comes out so I can truly understand what is going on, but I still enjoyed it regardless.

Cool concept. Not really much to interact with though.

Got to 500. Cool game.

I don't really understand what this is suppose to be ... The art is cute at least.

You are doing God's work. Keep up the amazing work and effort!

Really hard to accurately click on the wire. If that were fixed this would be a fun game.

Oh, I was playing this as a one player game controlling both. This makes so much more sense as a two player game. Absolutely outstanding!

Pretty good so far. I look forward to seeing this grow.