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A very engrossing little game. I adored the strange atmospheric environments and it left me thinking on if the choice I made was correct in the end.

Almost gave me a David Lynch vibe, definitely would recommend - a hidden gem!
( Try to get this on Steam if you can! It might give you more word of mouth )

Loved it! The controls made my hand cramp on my keyboard - but I am sure it will feel much better with lock-on combat and some more visual feedback on hits.

The boss fight was super cute

I thought the animations were pretty cute!
I couldn't actually make it past the first lava patch - the angle on the wall jump needed was too tight for me.

This actually helped me a ton. I appreciated the commentary - helped me understand parts where I should improve on the next demo in regards to communication ( As well as more proof that that middle jump is bullshit )

Appreciate it! Got that input from a few other people - mainly, it was down to the slidey controls on button press.

Have it fixed in my dev build, thank you for trying it!

Good catch! Its marked now.

Sorry about that