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Zuripai Games

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The Innuendos option replaces certain words with Innuendos or euphemism related to the selected option. So the "Fruits and Veg" Innuendo  replace Boobs with Melons for example.

thx b, 1 b rel rel soon yo

Thanks for the feedback.

1. If your experiencing long load times in the browser version there is currently issues with certain browser configurations and data caching. After preloading, load times between scenes should generally be less then 3 seconds, 5 at the most. Any longer then that, and it's likely that your browser isn't retaining the preloaded data in the cache, and re-downloading them between scenes as a fallback. We have very little control over that I'm afraid because the browser is the one that decides when to do that, not the game. 

There are a few things you can try that might fix it (visit here), but if it's too much of a problem you can always play the downloadable version where the load times between scenes should be very fast.

2. Thanks for reminding me! We previously tried it with white but it didn't quiet work for all backgrounds. But I did just update it to white with black outlines, which is a lot more readable! : )

And thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it! : )

There's still more to come for this Chapter ; )