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she looks very breedable, thanks

The bundle apparently excludes the uncensored Android version, I even checked through my phone and it still gives me only 3 items D:

Hello! I just purchased the Halloween Bundle but I didn't know it didn't include the Android versions, is there a way I could pay for those because it still says I need to "pay $8.99 or more"?

Hope to see this game expanded someday!

I'm really looking forward to the progress and completion of this game!

Looking forward to the Steam release! I think the only thing I can add right now is that the gray floor and walls is making the main character blend into the environment too much due to her gray fur, maybe making the floor and walls a few shades darker could fix that? Anyways I'm definitely purchasing this Day One and I'm looking forward to your future releases!

If she's the most desirable person to fuck then why is she initiating all the fucking hahaha.

Sounds like if you want the gameplay to match the story then she might just have a huge robot kink or the 20% human part is mostly the genitalia. Maybe there's no more human men in the world and the population is declining and she's going around trying to find a suitor or something.

Maybe she's 80% robot and everyone else is 80% human which makes them the most desirable to fuck since she is afterall doing the fucking in the gameplay. Well whatever you figure out in the story I'll be looking forward to it!

Pretty good start! Will it just be a boss rush type of game or will there be normal mobs and stage hazards/obstacles to overcome?

So far the Heavy Attack seems a bit too good as it lets you chain heavy attacks together unlike the Light Attack. I can do Heavy into Light×3 while the enemy is still stunned for 10+4+4+4= 22 damage, but I can also just do Heavy 3 times for 10+6+6= 22 damage too.

Outside of stun, light attacks only do 2 damage each, so they're just way too weak right now to be even worth anyone's time doing. Increasing the damage to 3 while also increasing Counterattack damage (hitting the enemy during their recovery after their attack) to maybe 5 might make light attacks actually viable.

Maybe change heavy attack to have more range but also a slower attack so that heavy attacks aren't just "Light Attack but better" but instead provides utility.

Anyways that's all I got right now for this prototype. Is the protag a robot girl or something, maybe a cyborg? I love me some robot girls, good luck with your game!

This looks sick!

Since there's a lot of movement options from jumping maybe you could add more like the ability to hop off of enemies like in Ninja Gaiden? Maybe even being able to parkour on and off furniture too! There could be a bonus for not touching the ground after your first jump and things like that.

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I'm having a lot of fun with the game!

I think the sudden transition from a fast moving road to a static screen when a day ends or when you get a game over is what is causing people inertia sickness. Maybe having the results screen's background scroll a little too might help alleviate that?

Or maybe before a day ends the character could slow down or stop at a gas station or something, and when you game over your character slows down to a halt and gets apprehended by the cop.

Also I think additional animations of the girls moving left and right would be a really nice addition, as well as the girls bouncing when landing from a ramp jump. To keep from being too repetitive with the animations.

Looking forward to more from this game in particular!

No problem, more power to you!


Looking forward to it!

I see, thank you!

Will they be an option to use my mouse on the onscreen buttons? I'd like to be in control of the controller while it's "not with me" if you know what I mean.

Looking forward to your future game where it's basically Warframe but with sex!

Don't overwork yourself and certainly don't force yourself! Everything this game already has to offer is well worth the money it cost, so take it easy!

Ah, I usually had to just tell Norton that a game is okay after-the-fact, but after looking up how to set exceptions I got it to work! Thank you so much for the help!

Hey I was super excited to try this game out but Norton freaks the flip out whenever I try to run it saying it is a High Risk Threat no matter what I do. I really wanna play this game! ;_;

Shake shake!