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yeah, it would be perfect. as soon as you open the site first this screen appears and then the rest

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it is a very fun, balanced and easy to understand game. one thing missing is a reward at the end of the level, you could add bonuses or power-ups that players can buy with the extra money they collect or just things to beautify the pub. Last thing maybe add some settings for less powerful computer graphics.
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sorry, last thing you want to be recognized as the creator of all the graphics or not?
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Thanks, you are really good and honestly the tileset is really for beginners like me, thanks! :)

HI! can i use this assets for my game?

HI!, can i use this tileset for my game?

Hi I would like to use this beautiful tileset in my game, can I do it?

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Hi, I see that you are very good and for your part distributing these CC0 licensed graphics is something really generous and magnificent, however I downloaded it and I want to make a game with it, and I will surely recognize you in the credits. Good Work :3

nice game although I would have added a background to the actual game screen. the sounds and music are beautiful, the only thing is that the menu screen is all pixelated so maybe you should take it back in the game too (maybe the ones in the game are really pixels but they are small and not visible)
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it's all so beautiful, and if I weren't that young (14 years old) I'd give you some money, but I really appreciate your work, even if I play a game on it I'll give you all the credit

Beautiful game, I love the pixel art graphics, which are isometric, which makes everything more intriguing. the gameplay is simple, but challenging when you get to the next stages, but I think it's normal, in fact it's more fun the game like that.
all that's missing is that you bring it to mobile, maybe putting the advertising as this game deserves it.
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hi, this is a cool asset pack, can i use it for an game?

i love your works, can i use it for game?

They're really great, great job.

I finally managed to use this font, it was a problem with the code I had created, but thanks for the font. the game will be over soon, I will inform you as soon as it is finished.

Obrigado, és mesmo muito bom, estou a aprender cada vez mais graças a ti e aos teus conjuntos de azulejos. 

Thank you, you're really good, I'm learning more and more thanks to you and your tile sets.  

Olà, sou eu sà queria dizer que uso un construct, aqui o conjunto de personagens, mas n'o posso transcrever um sprite que fizeste de prop-sito. Escreve-o, mas continuo un colocar mal come letra (penso eu), com isto pergunto se podes fazer um conjunto de personagens para aqueles que usam a costrutto ou outras,Obrigado

Thank you, I'm really committed to my game and I hope to improve it with new updates from you, still I'm young I'm not very good at programming but I've taken several courses. 

Obrigado, estou muito comprometido com o meu jogo e espero melhorá-lo com novas atualizações de ti, ainda sou jovem, não sou muito bom em programação, mas já fiz vários cursos.

obrigado, eu não sei falar português de fato, estou usando o google tradutor, no entanto, seu projeto é muito interessante, mas eu estava perguntando se os tiros disparados pelo jogador estão incluídos neste pacote, se ainda não estou ansioso, obrigado por responder.

sorry if I ask but I saw that in the reference image the shots are different, then I ask if the shot is the spherical part under the spacecraft, thanks, as soon as I can hope to donate something.

fantastic, really, if i can play a game with this the first thing i will do is put the thanks where you will be.

it's a beautiful software, I know it has a lot of potential maybe it will be able to overcome Aseprite

really fantastic if I can donate some pennies because these wagons are perfect, and apart from this hia in mind to do something else of this kind ww2?

veramente bello complimenti

Yuo can use this resource in any game project you want, commercial or not, but you can't resell it as just an asset (as I'm doing here). You mean I can't use it in a game that I'm going to resell?? Because for me it would be a shame for you to draw too well, if I could buy the other things too.