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Well I just finished reading it and I have to say I absolutely love it, the plot keeps getting more and more interesting and the characters got a lot of personality (I'm already in love with AL-933) I'm so looking forward to the next update

Great job! Keep it up!

Ooh I see thank you! I can't wait for more Silas content hehehe

How am I supposed to pick Silas route?

How exactly do I pick Silas route please?

No discord server?

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Oh God, I swear to you that you just made my day! I've been wishing for a route for him since the very first build hehehe. By the way kinda late to say this but I'm super happy you are back

Will Brym be dateable? 🤞🏻

So Brymror won't be dateable then?

Daaww... but Travis is a cutie :c

I was playing the visual novel all over again getting myself ready for the next update and I just realised... are Klaus and Travis going to have a route?

Sissel I think, the way everything starts before you pick a route it very... how do I say this... pointing at Sissel. Does that makes sense?

I'm pretty sure that dialogue is not supposed to be clickable, that's why it gives error when clicking it

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This sword... I have an awful feeling about it... sword you better stay away from Leandros and Koshiro, you BITCH!

This is going to sound pathetic but damn I have a huge crush on Leandros lol

Friendly advice. Adding a bigger map of the whole installations would be better. More impressive to know what the whole place would look like

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Wait a second... when you said toony... you didn't mean to keep the original ones? For fuck sake... you should have clarified that! I voted toony thinking you would keep the original sprites! Oh lord I imagine a Mickey Mouse like Seth... please tell me you will stay on the same art style...

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Oh man... I was enjoying this visual novel a lot, then the to be continued text ruined it! I'm gonna be honest, I knew I was going to love this visual novel a lot, but I ended up absolutely adoring it! I can't wait for the next update and spend some more time with Greg hehehe.

Amazing job!

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Dude you are so cute and yes I miss Gran too he is the best boy

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yeah I am an artist too and it's true that when you want something to look exactly like you want the best thing you can do is do it yourself haha, also I just happened to see the new sprites~ I absolutely love them! The new Hunter is so breathtaking omg ❤

I see~ he made an amazing job with Aaron so I was wondering if he is also gonna make Hunter and Ryker

Much obliged! Out of curiosity will the new artist also make the already existing sprites?

When next update?

On patreon the last update for badtime stories was like two months ago

Hey I could be wrong

I believe he is still updating on patreon so its just us plebeians who aren't getting any update

Hey Kho, are you gonna make a route in which Asher and Colby end up together? I SO want then to be together <3

I hope the artist doesn't get offended but if you get the chance to get Kyletheakita's Tiger sprite don't hesitate to accept

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I've been playing this VN for a while and I just noticed that I've had a dumb smile plastered on my face the whole time hahaha

Man I love this visual novel so much! I've been laughing a lot! I love it so much!

Light is super cute, I hope he will be dateable too😊

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I can't wait to see the new sprites :3 my hype is killing me lol. I have a good feeling about the new sprites ^^ I'm extremely sure that they will be awesome, Dawn  Chorus is being really awesome