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Yeah, I also believe Gil and Walter didn't do that too, but if they do...馃槵, that's just wrong imo and this is still an unfinished VN so who knows what the writers will do next 馃檪. That's why I have to prepare myself for every situation that could happen for the next update.

ngl but I half blame Edgar for this, he has a FAMILY already but still acts like he is single, he even jokes abt ''what if his wife agrees to this'' and I like wtf? And Gil was not innocent either, but he kept it professional at the start and somehow failed at the end LOL. If Gil has an affair with Edgar and now he tries to have a relationship with Edgar's SON, aka Walter, that's the NEXT LEVEL of disgusting (ABSOLUTELY JAILLL). And look like this VN, 2/8 dads become a wh*re now. 馃檪

Reading comments makes me feel stupid cuz I didn't know any small details in the story 馃槶 even though I read almost all of the routes

spoiler ig?

I think it's time for the MC to grow up in Strandbard, skip a month or two for him to be more "mature".  I like how someone finally talks some sense into him now

Yeah, DD vibes def add 鉁╯pice鉁 to the VN and I will try to stick one path more, but seeing how one choice can change some parts in the story is so cool

You should do Mark's back story cuz you will know what's happening in the story (after you finish Mark's route ofc)

First time I finish all the routes and it's so good (took me months though lol), this game is so well-made, the story is easy to follow and enough for you to play more, sometimes have that Doki Doki vibes and you can kinda "talk" to the narrator (really enjoy those) 

So far, I like Lars (the little things he does and said are subtle but so cute) and Tora

This game has so many choices that make me overwhelm sometimes (not a bad thing ofc) cuz I somehow got used to linear VNs lol 

I should have know when he talk like that, but I'm not that surprised tbh. And that mean, we will be on a new chapter, meet new ppl , new scenes and a new partner 馃槒 (hoping for a strong tiger 馃檹). Sorry Ranok but we have to separate for while

I mean everything could happen; you just don't see it irl yet 馃

To me, I actually enjoy the tennis match (when it has an indicator of what is going on) cuz it gives meaning to the name game "Tennis Ace", it's like a break from all the drama you have been through and it shows that how good Yuu is, not just by words. But when it does not have an indicator, I just fast read till the end cuz idk what happen.

I notice that the journey to the route select is kinda long (no complaint abt it), but it could mean the story will be longer?

Yuu has a backstory in other routes? (Like there is a part abt his past?) Cuz in Sho route, I don't see much of it. Other VNs I read are still in progress so I can judge abt it (some did mention lil bit, other is still expanding) and it is usually put somewhere at the end of the story, weird 馃

he have a delay

Totally agree!
Same, more spoilers lol

lmao, sr but to me, that sounds like Yuu just like a goal for Sho to achieve, when he achieves it he moves on to the next one. And wow, the drama in Jun route is smth, def try that when I have a chance.

I agree with you, doing the same to Yuu doesn't make things better, someone has to break the circle. Even though Sho said that he can't "read" what Yuu thinks anymore (like tf?? you now have a chance and you not even trying)

ngl, there is still a list long of how wrong Shoichi is, but I'm not going to talk abt that cuz 鉁╡verybody makes mistakes鉁 and the story is still in progress

It's emotionally drained to read but ig that means the writer is on the right path, right?

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Ikr! Now I think of it, what really make me frustrated (only play Shoichi rn) 

is how hard to make them to open and explain more. 

He act likes Yuu is the stranger (I think bc Yuu did that to everyone for 3yrs and now they do the same to him??) even though they are childhood friend and even a couple 馃檭

Only when Yuu pushed him to his limits, then he open up more 馃槂

(I feels so wrong and guilty when choose the choice cuz I would never be like that irl and how they react back is crazy, but I want to know what's going on. And that's when I stop playing)

Def love the game but handle these ppl are so emotional draning BUT again I still want to try the other two route 馃様

I know what you mean 馃拃 but ig ppl could get affect by it cuz I get annoyed after read Shoichi route

Spoiler Shoichi (need to vent a little bit, don't read it if u don't want to):

The world is not gonna collapsed bc you disobey to your father and reconnect with your mom and sister馃憦馃憦 I hear there is a path where you can visit her but rn I feel too annoyed to explore more

Things would have been better if he decided to go with his mom馃憦馃憦

But ig we need smth to make the story longer, right ?馃

I will if the game is worth enough, I ain't got no time to waste instead of doing real-life works. One route took me at least half a day

I think he got it from his dad, but ya I don't really like him that much

mkay, I will give it a try if I have time

Am I the only who don't like Jun from the start, he have that cute and innocent masks but inside he is not like that. Because I met some ppl like that irl and its not end well. I hear his route is good and I want to try it, but still...

What happens with this VN? I miss Gran so much :<

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Tora is the last one. If anything happens to him again I will 馃敧馃挘 this place and myself

Right on time for Lunar New Year :>> blessed

I think this guide could help u

I think he is the 7th or 8th dateable character in the game (Ig he could move in with the MC?)

Right!! Tora is the best boy

I 100% love the humour of this VN xD. But the main plot is easy to predict rn, ngl. (Spoiler: Whenever they go to the park, it's gonna have some fighting scenes or abt the new character). Hoping I was wrong though

I have suspicious abt Jake too, he has a bad vibe when I first saw him.

馃コ馃コgonna play it this weekend

me too, but just a little bit of spice would be nice like, in the bad ending, they switch the twin, one of them could 馃拃, etc

Yeah, I mean if they add 1-2 bad endings, it would be cool

It's not a bug, but it would be cool if they add some horror scenes like in Doki Literature though 馃槜

me after read build5:  馃憗馃憚馃憗

Tom's CG 馃槶 He looks sooo good

let's hope 鉁╪ot鉁

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I thought that too and he has amnesia so it could somehow affect him a bit

oh :< ty

Does this VN have a Discord Server? I want to join :<

I think you should write down your everyday dream until it pop up again (like sudden remember). Mine works that way and I remember abt 20 dreams

Really like the VN so far, but some parts of the story before the first choice are kinda long to read but after that is so much nicer, love the thrilling part with the soundtracks. It's possible if you make two versions SFW and NSFW, some animation with the eyes and a Discord Server for everyone to talk more abt the VN (and easier if you have smth to said to everyone too)


Sooo...this is not an NSFW VN ? cuz MC is Asexual
In the shower scene, I think the MC is used to do it for his bf that he didn't realize how awkward this is or just bad writing, idk. But I still like the VN overall

I'm never this early, OMG when I tell you guys I never GASPS so much when I see the first CG, OMG OMG

Yeah, I already know that (When MC can't have Tora numbers) but I still want to put my opinion out cuz why not lol and he still needs a friend (or someone to talk to) after the Morenatsu event. Seeing someone living in the past (or having a hard time) that I can't help them always makes me feel guilty for some reason