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I absolutely adore this program. I got it in a bundle and since then new templates have been added and it's just wonderful. I do have a request. Is there a way to make a seizure-safe version of this? I enjoy the animated deep-fried pixel art aesthetic but some friends of mine who would make GREAT zines probably can't safely look at these graphics. But I want to be able to share this with them because it is SO GOOD

Got this in the antiracist bundle and it is sooo useful. The aesthetics are hilarious to me and add a lot, but even if all it did was put stuff where it needed to be so it'd be pages, I'd be delighted. Thank you for this.

Had the chance to try this on Windows. Utterly stunning creation. Just wonderful. I did have the problem of not having anywhere to put accents from the workbench if I didn't want to put them in the pot, but I was happy to restart and go through the dialog again. Thanks for this.

This is really cool! When playing it through WINE on Ubuntu 18, I don't see the "done" prompt on the bouquet and so can't progress beyond the first. I think WINE must just be forcing the game to do something it wasn't intended to. Would def still recommend this to Windows users though.