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does anyone know how to make this kind of game? *o*

i agree, but you need to credit the original art/photo. passing traced art off as your own is not okay. im not trying to embarrass her, i was simply telling her its not alright.  i have nothing against her.  she knew it was traced, decided she was going to post it, and claimed it as hers even after i called her out.  if she cant own up to her mistakes someone needs to tell her its wrong.

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look, i know its traced, just admit it lol. im not going to be mad or anything, but lying will only make it worse. im an artist, and ive dealt with a fair share of tracers. they're young, and dont realize its wrong. i encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and draw something on your own. study anatomy, color theory, etc. you'll improve a ton once you've learned the basics <3

this is traced from gacha life-- hhh

So much.. blood.

A crazy yandere-zombie shows up... what will you do next?

I'd run.



This is adorable! o///o

Um.. so.. yeah :/