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Thank you, kindly!!

Hi there!  I'm sooo happy you've created A5 versions of Heroes of Adventure!!  :)   By chance, is it possible to have A5 sized versions of the cover images for them?  I'd like to print a full set from and it has a separate section for the covers.

Sorry.  Let me further explain.  Perilous Shores is great at producing a large area.  But when i'm playing solo, and am looking to generate one hex that the characters are entering, i was wondering if there was a way that Perilous Shores could produce only what was inside of one large hex that would fill the entire screen, and not generate what is outside of the boundaries of this one hex.  So each time i hit ENTER to randomly generate content, i would only see one large hex with all of the content inside. 

I'll try and make an image of what i mean and include soon.

This tool is absolutely outstanding, such an amazing job!

Question to you, is there the possibility of generating the content but having an option to place it all inside of one large Hexagon?  In essence, generating a hex of content that could be used for solo play?

Hi there.  I wanted to compliment you on your system, which is really light and easy to use.  Thank you for creating this!  :)

All good!  Good luck with the revisions.

Hey there.  I'm pretty good at spotting errors, so would be open to reading through a version to correct typo's, etc.  Whatever helps.  

Any chance of obtaining the image files and explanation of how you put this together?  I'd love to try and make my own.  :)

Hi there.  This generator is absolutely amazing!  I'm trying my hand at OSR solo play, and find this to be very helpful!  

Question.  Is the upper map size limit 4000x4000?  By chance, is there any way to generate a much larger map?  :)

Outstanding!  Thank you for making another addition to your Heroes of Adventure collection!

Not entirely sure why no responses here, or on the DTRPG site.

Following up.  Any thoughts?

I've purchased the original on DrivethruRPG.  Is there a way to obtain a discount for the expanded edition, either here or on DRPG?

Thank you so much,  really appreciated!

If you take a quick peek at, you will see that they require a cover file that includes the front, spine and back side-by-side as one large image (i think).

Miggins, how did you create the front/spine/back cover pdf to use, as Lulu needs that additional file.  I've tried to create one, however it needs to be a specific formatted pdf 11x17 in size (front beside back).

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Thank you for this.  Of note, services like require a separate front/spine/back cover pdf.  Is it possible for you to also provide this?  If not possible, that's fine, i'll try to create it.  :)

Thank you!  Reading it now.

Congratulations are in order on completing the creation of v1.0 of your amazing system.  Hats off to you for your continued devotion and support of the OSR community!  I will be reading through this latest version of all of Heroes of Adventure!!  :)

I think a game jam is a really great idea!

I also want to print a copy via Lulu!  Were there any special settings i should use?

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Definitely will check this out!  Thanks for pulling this together!  You and Nameless Designer have some really amazing ideas!  Thank you.

I started a thread on reddit/osr to help get the word out, so that people become more aware of your system, and can discuss.

I really do believe that word of your system needs to get out amongst all the reddit groups, and other TTRPG OSR groups out there, as your system is really a complete package in an outstanding format, with some really amazing ideas!  I'm going to see if i can post this around too.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!  I appreciate your overview, and fully understand.  I will wait until you reach v1.0 and then print it off through an online service.  I do like letter-sized, but usually prefer A5 due to the much easier format size for carrying.   Thanks again, and i'll keep watching your site for updates and will direct others here as well.  Always great to see someone bringing amazing content to the masses!  

Hey there.  First off, i find your work outstanding and really focused on the feel and style of OSR, as you wanted it.  Great work all around, and thank you for pulling these together.

Will there ever be printable versions of these that would work on, say, Lulu?

Also, any chance of an A5 version of both guides?  :)

Thank you for always working away at these generators.  I'm always impressed by your work, and wanted to say thank you!