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If you created a purlin noise function that effected other blocks' variables, kinda like Unity's shader thing's purlin noise function, that might be cool. 

good game, but bad difficulty curve

amazing game

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Scrolls too fast, otherwise great game though.

I'm a big fan.


Thanks, I'll definitely do some of this in the post-jam version.

I noticed that bug too, I didn't have time to fix that so I just used it to hide an extra box, but I might fix that in the post-jam version, thanks.

your welcome

Thank you, I'm actually currently working on a post-jam version where most of these issues will be fixed.

I know about the folder with the data error, the game's placeholder name was lowlands and I forgot to change some of the stuff before uploading, I'll fix that in the post-jam version as well.

Awesome game, but doesn't exactly fit the opening cutscene.

This game was awesome, but there were 2 times where the collision detection with the ghosts was slightly not by much but slightly off, maybe that was intended though.

If you click "Show More" and then "Run Anyway" then you can play it.

I loved this game and laughed hysterically at every joke, although I did notice it was kind of Undertale based, not that there's anything wrong with that. My one criticism is that I feel like the fetch game minigame should be controlled by the mouse. Please make this game longer.