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Hi! Glad you liked it! It is far from finished still :)

Hi! There is not a function for saving as of yet and the second thing is a bug, will fix in coming update :)

No it is not supposed to happen, will fix!

Welcome to the underworld :D 

To all the people having problems with getting it to run, next update will include an installer. That will probably do the trick. Working on bugs and so on for now. Lots more will be included.

That is strange, then it must be stuck halfway through the title screen. I havent been able to replicate the problem. Maybe it has something to do with your anti virus program blocking it?

Yes the nuclear stuff will be part of a much more advanced system planned as well as the life essence system. It will make more sence in the future, this update is more just to play around with :)

Hi everyone! I am really sorry for the time it takes. I feel really bad about it! Still waiting for the sounds, you need the sound to understand how to play the game now. It is more story and without the sound you are lost so it will be worth the wait. I will be very careful in predicting when the next version will be realesed because my last guess was way off. The game is ready for a release and has been ready since a few weeks now, but I really want that sound first. Once again I am really sorry for the time it has taken. I never knew that there would be so much interest in my crappy game, and for that I am really greatful! 

Hi everyone! All is done for the next update, the last thing is still the sounds that a friend of mine is doing. Sadly she got sick so we have to wait a little. When I get the sounds it is release time. I dont want to release a game without sounds.

Giving you a little sitrep, the game is almost ready for a release. The only thing left now is the sound. I am getting some help with the sound files so when they are done I can launch the first new update on Flattened HD.

On sunday I´m hoping. Looks like it :)

I have taken note of your suggestions. The resolution problem you mention is a real problem that I have to look into. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. In the future there will be costumization for the giants.

I think I must get an apple computor first. You really need an apple computor to develop for apple. So right now it is not possible for me to make an apple version. I am sorry.

A big update is coming up. I think I can release it soon, the update contains city size destruction so a lot of work is going into making it optimized for normal computors. Hopefully out soon.

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Hi! I am glad that there is so much interest in my little game. I am also sorry for the time it takes to create. There will be a massive update hopefully out pretty soon. The main part being the ability to play as a giantess. I am working on it so dont worry, it is not abandoned or anything like that. I just want to make it fun and not too rushed, here is a little pic from the game, she kind of drops a tiny person to her doom. ( In full screen you can see it, too bad tiny people are tiny)

Well the old levels are gone but I can still rebuild them. The next massive update features a playable giantess. Still some work left on it though.

Yes that kind of huge is not a problem, I thought we talked about even larger :D Like when her foot is larger then the city or something.

It is possible but with some limitations. A giant can be so big that it is outside the draw distance making only the legs visible. There is ways around this but then the problem is framerate. So yes it is possible in some scenarios. Depends on what kind of scene it is in.

Hi! Giving a timeline is very hard to do since this is just a spare time project for me after work and studies. But what I am working on now is:
1. A level with sort of first contact with the alien levels where they invade your city and you and a friend must escape on the highway.

2. Being able to controll the giantess and make the world your sandbox. But with a twist to add gameplay elements. Spent a few hours today creating a controller with camera for the giant. Lots of lines of codes has been written.

3. Changing all humans into more detailed models and adding lots of animations to make it look better as well as general improvements.

4. Creating a city with all destroyable buildings and environment that is not going to kill framerate. This is a lot of work having to create this from scratch.

When this is done I can not tell because I dont want to make promises I cant hold. I can make an update right now but I want it to be significantly different then the last one. So in a few weeks you can expect a major update to Flattened.

It is really nice to know that people enjoy Flattened. Thank you for all support! :)

Thanks for all suggestions! I like the idea with the navy, It is on the list now :D

Thanks! Those levels will probably return in a different form and yes more giants is coming up as well :)

Hi! I think I can have an update out pretty soon. The update contains a new level, some fixes with the fog and so on. This is a pic from the new level. Also working on you playing as the giant but that will be a little ways in the future.

Thank you! I am working on making that happen. Still on prototype stage but in the future yes :)

Thanks! Yes there is more things like that coming up :)

Thank you! Yes vore is coming back and lots of stuff

That is possible. We will get more characters in the game

Thank you! That is not a bad idea! I have written it down :) 

Yes that is a plan for the future :)

Thank you! :) And good job for getting so many people crushed :D  Love the video!

Thanks! I will have a look at the fog, it can be a lot better :) Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! Glad you like it :) Well it is possible, but I have to make sure it doesnt violate the terms of this page :)

Thank you! I really appreciate that :)

It is out now :)

Yes I can do a launcher. Coming right up!

The next update I can release both an installer and a zip version. Thanks for the feedback!

Glad you like the game! Not in the next update but I am planning to include  a giantess creator so you can costomize your own giantess.

Thanks! I am removing it until I can get it fixed :)

Thank you for the feedback! I will fix that. Glad you like it!

Thanks! I will start working on it

Now hopefully. I dont have a mac to try it on so please let me know if there is problems with it.