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this is an astounding work of art. we cannot overstate how delicious and delightful every word in this novella is. it's priceless.

i just replayed this and it's just so cool *again* :) thank you sooooooo much, this is such a delight

sooooo good omg!!! i love this so much haha!!

BEAUTIFUL! oh this is just really, really good

i love this!! darling

OhhHHHHHHh this is AMAZING!!!! i'm so stunned, this was such an enjoyable experience, what excellent writing full of deep love for crj with amazing storytelling layered on top. this was incredible and made me so incredibly happy. i was having the worst day in the world and this really, really made my night. thank you SO much for sharing!!!!!!!!

i loved this so much. it's a short and sweet and thought provoking piece. the images and sounds pair together really nicely. i enjoyed interacting with this fiction. :)