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thank you ive joined now

how can i join the discord server the link above is expired i think

yeah i get it now thanks

wow very cool and thanks for explanation

how do you get such op loot? ive only got a hercule pavise ONCE and ive been playing for a month or two! is it just accumulating luck?

yess ive been wanting this so much thanks!


how can you do an archery run without a bow?

kind of - just click on a square around it and pass over it (i.e. come back to it later)... there is sadly no way to keep any in-game event present after you leave it...

omg thank you


you think they havent thought of that? what about consumables and time to think about next moves?

should i go for an archer or doru build?

what is the blue coin item?

can you stack tasty flies?

what does a chef hat do? was wondering as i have never got one before...

thank you so much!

Managed to beat the game for the first time with this build! (got the ore artifact thing after beating game btw) Now I'm trying my first endless run. I have a lot of trouble with mage and archer runs, please give tips! many thanks in advance...

stupid question but how do you use the arrows without a bow?

paradot does +1 poison to adjacent weapons, -1 damage to adjacent weapons, the right gem for increasing damage is diamond (+2 to adjacent and diagonal weapons) or even better, ruby (+4 to adjacent weapons).

squad code:


Is it possible to stack energy over turns?

oWo nice thanks i might get it on steam its really good but first ima try some TOASTER FUSION

ok cool thanks! btw i found another glitch ;) sorry:

when you play big toaster mode, you can jump up high into your goal, and get stuck in the metal gate covering part of the goal

i managed to get out of the glitch though, by spamming S and F to let me get down just in time. Still a really good game though :P

very good game, but there is a glitch with the neon game mode: the ball can get stuck underneath a toaster and just move back and forth there: we couldnt do anything apart from restart

oh ok lol sorry

please use text as well...


freesound is so good


SUCH A GOOD GAME, its so good, and i love it. I finished the game with cube on easy (ik its nooby but it was fun)