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it worked but the opengl version i have is

how can i find an up to date 1.4 opengl? trying to speedrun

it doesnt even see my controller at all when i go in controller configuration in-game. it says to connect a controller

i did that but nothing happened:(

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thank youuu i didnt figure that one out yesterday but gotit today lol.

also i keep clipping in the wall in that room on the 5th part of the story. I wanted to go left so i did and i have to get through a little platforming challenge but when i drop to go through the 3 shooters falling onto the spike detectors, it clips me in the wall. That keeps me from progressing. I have to restart the game everytime it happens if i want to get past that point. But then i get about 2 tries per time i launch the game.

any idea what i could do?

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i have a high score of over 1500 on the first level but it wont make me progress, what do? I looked at a playthrough so it's definetly a bug


idk what else to add, my computer recognizes it and i use it for other games on the cpu. It's a playstation controller, not bootleg:/