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Hardlocked it here. Can't even bring up the menu. The music still plays, but no controls work. My last move was up. The upper snake section was four tiles long before this move.

[ROT-13] Gur zbfg travhf guvat nobhg guvf gb zr vf ubj gur 'V' va gur "tbbq raqvat" orpbzrf 'jr' vs lbh trg gur "onq raqvat" svefg. Gung fbeg bs fhogyrgl vf cebonoyl bireybbxrq ol zbfg, ohg qrrcyl nccerpvngrq ol gubfr jub pngpu vg. Terng fghss!

You can't always pick the cards, sure, but you always control where you fire... Besides, you're asking for something more complex than you seem to realize (though you're far from alone here in that regard :P). The shields are there to stop you from using your turn moving into or staying in a deadly spot. Checking to see if the spot you're in is safe but one you could make deadly is (besides clearly being a misplay on the part of the player) not so simple to program, especially now that there's a card that can fire a pellet outside even your selected firing arc. That's a lot of math slowing things down just to try dealing with a player skill issue; as it is, the shields aren't perfect, sometimes blocking 100% safe shots and NOT blocking 0% safe ones in rare cases, and that'd be tough to figure out without even going down the "discovered mate" route. So maybe avoid taking the card with "blunder" right there in the name until you can keep from doing so, and maybe always take Black Mist when you have the chance (which WILL save you from "discovered mate")? Good luck to any mod makers that try to "remedy" discovered mates - sure, it probably CAN be done, but it'll be a LOT of work... work better spent, in my opinion, learning the game and not getting themselves killed.

Possible, but I'm unconvinced. Every copy of Black Mist one has is one less card they have to actually be more effective in battle and not get into hopeless situations as often; I'd think two copies of it would be worse than one for that reason, as surely it's diminishing returns. If anything, I'd suggest limiting Black Mist to one copy for the exact opposite reason - it's too WEAK to offer to the player once they already have one. If for no other reason than to SHUT UP all the whiners about "discovered mate", Black Mist is practically necessary; to the expert, it's a chance to escape when the game gets truly ridiculous (and sanity knows Black Mist often doesn't get one out of trouble, only delaying it a turn). To each their own, but I don't think it needs a drawback.

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In situations beyond that, you can still fire - you just have to burn through all your shields first. (You get them all back after your shot, natch, assuming you lived.) There's a reason shield quantity is freely adjustable - once one is good enough at the game (or is already a chess grandmaster and isn't about to blunder), shields only get in the way.

With all the abilities/powers in the game, it can be REALLY HARD to determine whether a situation is truly hopeless or if there's a slight chance somewhere; the game ending on you automatically when there WAS a hope would be FAAAAAAR worse than what it does now, which is not even try to figure it out. I don't blame the devs on that one at all. Also, now that Black Mist is a thing, what you choose to do when it is hopeless - your "parting shot", often literal, as it were - actually can matter.

EDIT: You always get back all your lost shields after every single turn you take. Taking a shield AS you take a shot, as you suggest, makes no sense, so maybe that's what you were missing?

Crashes when clicking the final cell. Sticks at 80/81, page becomes unresponsive.

You're asking the developer to tackle a significant alteration to the game design as a result of a perfectly-fair challenge that might trip some players up ONCE, TOPS, if they're, you know, actually learning the game. And yes, it's an alteration. I mentioned this elsewhere - shields are NOT a way to prevent that "already", and I'll explain why: shields stop you from doing something potentially suicidal on YOUR turn due to enemy attack ranges at that moment, based on your attempt to move or not move. If you've destroyed an interposed piece and opened yourself to attack, it's now THEIR turn. It's too late for a shield. You had your chance to not be careless with a firearm [there's a life lesson in there, but I digress] and you reaped what you sowed. For a shield to stop that, the game would need to have a far more complicated mechanism that looks at what you're shooting at and calculating every possible combination of destroyed piece resulting from it, and then trigger a shield if there's the slightest chance any of those combinations could be lethal. If the dev wants to do that, more power to them - it'd be nice for me to not have to burn through shields before taking a shot 100% guaranteed to result in my survival despite sitting in an attack range (which is how I know the game doesn't currently calculate potential damage dealt when shields trigger). But if I were them, I'd remove shields from the game entirely before I'd even think of doing that! The player is the gamemaker's apprentice, and if they stop learning due to overdependence on the training wheels, then the wheels need to go.

Besides, needing to see the consequences of your moves in advance is part and parcel of chess - why should this game be any different? Frankly, I find it alarming how many people are complaining here about losing a game because of a mistake they made, demanding the game be changed to prevent that mistake (especially those that know losing that way is fair). It's like they don't even know what "game" means. Chess is already super polite in preventing someone moving into check (which I assume is why this game has shields in the first place); try going on a chess forum and suggesting the rules of chess be altered, with moving into ANY mate-in-one being similarly prevented. See where that gets you. But that's literally the non-digital version of what you're asking for. Feel silly yet?

If chess itself isn't up someone's alley, I don't know why they'd be hanging around here at all. It's not like there aren't several thousand other roguelikes out there. Heck, this same dev has another.

As for your comments on "practice", two things: first, "not being oblivious" isn't the sort of thing to which "practice" really applies; second, the entire arcade-game generation would like a word about what you think "practice" entails. Starting another run IS practice. To imply otherwise is so far beyond my comprehension not just of roguelikes but ALL games of all types, digital and otherwise, that I can't respond at all. For that reason, I'll be taking my leave of this conversation now. I hope what I was able to respond to has been educational.

have accidentally killed an interposer and lost a run that way once. ONCE. I didn't ask for the game to be dumbed down in response. I smartened up instead. I also note that the spread of the gun is very much an intentional element of the game - that's why there are cards to control it! - so learning how to deal with it is part of the learning process. [insert comment about proper IRL firearm safety here]

The shotgun RNG makes the first virtually impossible - as it is, shields will trigger when you CAN save yourself by shooting an attacker without moving out of their attack range, sometimes even if the kill is guaranteed. As it is I often have to burn through my shields intentionally before the game lets me fire. As for the second, well, shields are to stop you from killing yourself on YOUR turn, not the enemies' turn. Shields saving you on their turn would change everything. So to get what you're asking for, a shield would have to activate if there's a chance the shot you want to take will destroy an interposer. I wouldn't even want to think about coding that if I were the developer, and even as a player I'm not sure I'd want that. As you note, it's fair, and you know it's fair.

"rougelike" LOL

In a ROGUElike, paying attention to what's happening and solving it like a puzzle is the whole point.

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What controls the population cap a player has? EDIT: Oh, I see it now, it's on tooltips: buildings add 2, territories add 5. Leaving this here for anyone else with the same question.

You can't escape her... she's everywhere

Genius design, lots of fun, people complaining about discovered mate have only themselves to blame for not paying attention to the board and need to GIT GUD. It's based on chess, people. You destroy the piece between you and an enemy rook, you deserve to fail. Maybe NOT destroy that piece? XD

Okay, that was incredible. Great original ruleset (nice mix of inspirations drawn from there), excellent presentation (especially the wordless rule explanation - I didn't have any of the issues other commentators had), and my WORD that was a challenge! I had to come up with some interesting realizations to crack into this at all (though once I got about ten cells deduced, the solve rate started to increase exponentially). Very well done!