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no problem!

ah, ok thx!

what does the "+ 17" ammunition mean?

bruh this is just a unity tutorial game xDDD

yep, thats true, the new Intel 10th Gen is superior. atleast what i heard in stuff performance. but price.. naaaah...

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RTX, but your phone breaks...

Wow. that was really cool!


then your pc maybe is too weak to generate spawn area quickly enough

games like the ones from dont have a certificate since they are not official, they are just simple .exe's from the internet.

its no glitch, just like in minecraft java you can dig through the world

buy better pc than your 3$ wallmart pc

fallout shelter


seems very stable *ba dum tss*


hehe.. yes, fallout. xDD

ah yea i see

wich version of this game is even "playable"? the browser version or the downloadable version?

pretty unfair tho

the difference between shooting and testing is that in shooting (like the name says) you can shoot against 3 SNPC's that is reacting on your behaviour

with winrar or 7zip i recommend 7zip cause its fully free

pls add Anti-alaising and i got two crash reports where can i send you?

u cant its a demo


and please add an map selection that i can choose from the new one or the old one. and please add the slow-motion to the future versions

im realy hiped for 4.1.0