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in Harus and Kanes love scene, when they speak just after its a little confusing, the wording is wired. it feels like the first part should be Kanes, but changed to "Wouldn't want you"  and then Haru would be the speaking right after. Don't want to hate on the game or anything, Like it a lot. That part was just so confusing for me. 

some parts, with when they are speaking or not is confusing as well. Think you have to look it over again. Sometimes the texst seem to indicate that something is being said, but there is nether name or "" signs pressent. So then your left with...wait was that said outloud or did the chacracters just get super powers.

Hey, think the backgrounds are a little off in Shinyas route, at a lot of difrent moments, the background seems to be of the wrong place. Don't want to go into to much detail, so that I don't spoil, but it have been a little confusing to have the chracters talk in one place and then suddely see another place mid conversation, or having a chracter going to one place but that place being the wrong place and being confused that the text doesn't match it. 

Ohh I want this, can't wait for it to be releaced. Btw the strong male same-sex innuendo thing what does that mean? That the main chaacter is the seme or that all the other characters are?

is the game finished? I have a hard time knowing if its just the demo or not? Reallly wanna get the full version!

I want this so so sos so sososososososos badly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! horses, DOGS!!!! damn!!!!!!! plEASE GOD PLEASE LET THIS BE FINISHED SOON

I really love this coment!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S  so so true. I can't wait until I can buy the whole thing. Oh thanks for telling me when its going to be released, always have a such hard time to find that information. Bad at looking for it. 

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone know when this will be relaced?