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Hello! This looks great! Do you think it might be played solo?

Loved it! So many feelings. I really enjoyed it, going through it several times, in writing, but also twice just mentally, which led to a shorter play time, but it still felt like a helpful way to deal with feelings of grief and sadness.

The first journalling game I ever tried and.... I immediately fell in love with it (and then with the genre). The prompts are suggestive enough to avoid the fear of the blank page, while being open enough to allow a lot of freedom in deciding the tone of the journal. I am hoping to have time to do it a second time, as my first "journey" was very melancholy, a representation of depression... and I would love to try... a different road next time!

I'd be very interested as well!

Loved it! So much imagination, the right amount of humour... great! And I loved the "ending" too.