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Heyy that's awesome. Thanks for the kind words, and kudos on the game -- looks great!

Hey there. Yeah, just follow the license thing and go crazy.

Hey, thanks for the message! I have no plans of releasing these in any other form currently. For more art, I have a portfolio with some personal and client pieces (link on main itch page), plus there are the projects I've worked on (and some more stuff TBD). That's it for now :)

Hi. I don't plan on adding new borders to these, but you could probably do it yourself with Token Stamp or a similar tool. Ask around the TMB discord, and I bet they'll hook you up with the same grunge border used in Foundry.

That's fair, yeah. Personally, I'd prefer to adapt the puncturing wound description on-the-fly to fit the damage source, instead of adding another category to the system. Maybe a "shot in the eye" wound with a spear means the blade came in at an angle, from the side of the head to the nose? Something like that.

Thanks for the message!

Thank you!

Heyy! Thanks for the message. Go crazy, mate.

Hey there. Thanks for the message.

As always, whatever works for your table is the right way to go, but here's how I do it: 

  • There's no negative HP: whatever the damage you take, you can never go below 0. Being at 0 HP means any damage received is a new Horrible Wound. If the Wound rolled doesn't make sense, you get the next one on the list. In my experience, it's pretty dicey to survive more than two Wounds in the same fight.

Heheh I didn't actually think people would want this for commercial :) I'll cook some form of license in a bit and update the description.

Hey thanks for the interest! I'll probably be making more in the future, yeah.

Oh, good question. Let's go with "personal only, but if you want to use them for something, send me a message and we'll work it out". And thanks!