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Hello! So I played chapter one when it came out and followed you for updates on the next chapters but I kept forgetting to play the chapters as they came out... I was wondering if my save file for chapter one that I did would carry over to the "all chapters" file or if I need to play each chapter individually still to keep my save file from chapter one? thanks! in despair.

lol D:


Hi! I really like the game and was able to play up until the *SPOILERS* part where you have to walk up to the monster-mom and talk to her and she calls you disgusting and stuff, then the screen flashes into red "die"s everywhere--the game crashes for me every time at this spot. I looked at the walkthrough and saw that I would have gotten the true/good ending and was wondering if you could tell me what happened when you get that ending because I would really like some closure!! (I legit just look and check everywhere to take/steal everything I can in every RPG Maker game I play so I took Mya's bandage without knowing it would give me the true/good ending.) Thank you so much if you can tell me what the ending would be, and thank you for making the game regardless, it was very fun even though horror games scare the shit outta me! :)

this was adorable!

finished the demo and i loved it! i didn't want it to end. i still need two trial tickets so i can at least go back and do that. (i've been fishing a lot but no dice yet!) i will definitely buy the full game.

Same thing happened to me and I downloaded the version on this page.  /cries

omg this was the cutest and so funny omg i still cannot all the feelings and soupy feelings AHHHHHHHHHHH

so good :')

so I got to the part where I'm supposed to give the ingredients to Theresa but nothing is happening. I bought everything at the grocery store but only had the chicken in my items and tried to give it to Theresa but nothing would happen. But what I played so far (basically fixing every single person's sinks) was fun.

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this was super lovely. <3 got the secret ending on my first go around.

omg the part with pouring the water in the jar frustrated me so much lol, i had to go back to my save point like four times to get my wire and long spoon back when it didn't even matter in the end because [SPOILER] 

i totally died in the end??? at least that's what i got from the ending i got... i kept telling the good sis to read the note i left in her diary but maybe i should have taken it, oh well lol. i am obviously too invested in my dude's wellbeing!!

anyway it was an interesting game, if a little confusing!

just wanted to thank you for making these games. i've gotten quite a few free kid-appropriate games from this website but these games are their favorites. i've had like five 7-10 year old girls obsessed with them, they literally take turns playing and watching each other play any of the four in this series each time i let them use my computer when i babysit. their favorite is clever fox moxie! one girl has tried to play syrup and the ultimate sweet but it was a bit too reading-heavy for her, though she wants to try it again lol. and i haven't been accused of having the gay agenda sooooo, success! :D