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this was adorable!

finished the demo and i loved it! i didn't want it to end. i still need two trial tickets so i can at least go back and do that. (i've been fishing a lot but no dice yet!) i will definitely buy the full game.

Same thing happened to me and I downloaded the version on this page.  /cries

omg this was the cutest and so funny omg i still cannot all the feelings and soupy feelings AHHHHHHHHHHH

so good :')

so I got to the part where I'm supposed to give the ingredients to Theresa but nothing is happening. I bought everything at the grocery store but only had the chicken in my items and tried to give it to Theresa but nothing would happen. But what I played so far (basically fixing every single person's sinks) was fun.

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this was super lovely. <3 got the secret ending on my first go around.

omg the part with pouring the water in the jar frustrated me so much lol, i had to go back to my save point like four times to get my wire and long spoon back when it didn't even matter in the end because [SPOILER] 

i totally died in the end??? at least that's what i got from the ending i got... i kept telling the good sis to read the note i left in her diary but maybe i should have taken it, oh well lol. i am obviously too invested in my dude's wellbeing!!

anyway it was an interesting game, if a little confusing!

just wanted to thank you for making these games. i've gotten quite a few free kid-appropriate games from this website but these games are their favorites. i've had like five 7-10 year old girls obsessed with them, they literally take turns playing and watching each other play any of the four in this series each time i let them use my computer when i babysit. their favorite is clever fox moxie! one girl has tried to play syrup and the ultimate sweet but it was a bit too reading-heavy for her, though she wants to try it again lol. and i haven't been accused of having the gay agenda sooooo, success! :D