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Looking forward to next updates!!

I did a video on it! I would appreciate if you could give it a watch!

I did a video on it! I would appreciate if you could watch it!

I did a video on it! I would appreciate if you could watch it!

I absolutetly loved this game, the PS1 aesthetic + being a "hidden" horror game, there's not much horror in this game, but the very few moments this game is scary, it IS SCARY (and disturbing), here is a video of me playing the game, I didn't knew this was a horror game so I got some really cool reactions to it!

Congratulations to the people who made this game, this is awesome, and I'm looking forward to see the full game as well!

I LOVED THIS GAME! I'm looking forward to see any other games you develop!


This game was actually pretty good! But it could have been longer, I would really love to see how the full game is gonna be!

Good game!

Quick, but pretty cool!

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! I really want to play the full version of this game when it comes out! You did a very good job sir!!

I would love to see more like this!

Even though this game was short, it was still fun to play! Good job!

Short but pretty cool! And the menu music is a banger

This game was PAINFULLY SCARY! Almost had an heart attack man! Great job, I loved it!!

This game is awesome! The only downside is the keyboard controls, but when I played the game with my controller it became much better! Love it!! Also, love your work Pelo!

Loved the idea! It kind of freaks out my eyes but it's a very cool concept!!

Very fun game! Kinda strange, but I like it!

Funny game! Loved it!

Very Very cool game! I absolutely loved it! 

This game was intense and stressful! Very good!

It could be a bit longer, but nice game!

Loved the jokes on this one!

Funny game! Since i don't have money for a PS5 i'll just go with this game

I loved it! It feels like Hotline Miami but in first person!