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Killer playbooks. But wondering what the Channel on the Chosen is...

As a playtester, I am so excited to run this for friends in the future.

Here we are, at the end.

Normally, I get to dropping a blurb about how I dug the latest paycomic day of release, but I had to take a couple days to sit on this one, and this is what I have to say:

The Layers story/series is the most emotionally satisfying piece of art and writing I've read from BSB. This hit my triggers for Gonzo Transformation and Body Horror, as well as incredible emotional resonance with it's protagonist. There's a sequence near the end that made me have to stop reading as not to start crying.
I absolutely will recommend this series to others, and BlackShirtBoy should be proud of raising the bar for what TF Paycomics can be.

What a great installment!
Lots of real cool TF concepts within this one!

Now this installment was my favorite.

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Loved this follow-up!

Usually you don't frontload the comic with "Action" per say, but it flowed incredibly well, and the events afterwards were just as engaging. Really interested in the internal goings-on of the characters, and would fully be on board should interest warrant a fourth.

(In the meantime, loved that cameo from my favorite BSB comic, and y'know I'd love to check in on that waitress again some day...)

You got my Horny in your Spooky!

Not normally into bodysuits, but into this.

That was a neat comic.

Really loved that backmatter, didn't expect it and it was a welcome surprise! I'd love to see more short fables of that type within the world of Beyond!

Fridays have you like

Not sure what an ".indd" file is, but I still heartily enjoyed this Interludes issue! Your coloring has really stepped up as of late, and both these stories affirm that judgement.

I think this is a firm competitor for my favorite BSB paycomic!
Really loved the panel layout, designs, and colors on this one. The use of white for the Gutters and in negative space really helped with the flow of the story in pdf format

Would be readily up for a sequel!

That was real sweet and lewd. Glad to purchase!