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you're spamming shift so your computer thinks you're trying to turn on Sticky Keys

Says the one with the MS LEMON gif

chill, i didn't even want all that


webgl please

Considering it was made in scratch.. i can see why

stop say stop say lol

its good, but please stop doing the loud sounds, it really hurts

wowowowowowowowowowowowowo you're such an bad creatororororororororororo, hahahahahahahaha, make it nowowowowowowowwowoowow

stop say lol game


I love your argument lel

Blud is lowkey mad LMAOOO

Man if you dont get yo a-

Has nothing to do with the mod

Then just stop spamming it. Also I can see in this picture that your trying to do the principal delay glitch

Its just a mod reupload, its not like the original creator will even care about it 😂. Also why are you watching 8-bitryan


You sure about that?. Cause I would kinda assume you would delete those comments if you actually did, seems like you didnt

Woah. No vulgar language!

That look's like what you would poop after getting lactose

There's literally no apk?

Hmm. You're right, there seems no other version but for windows. I suppose you have an Linux Computer friend.

Hey its a good mod... At least.

Are you blind its obviously Dino Basics!

Also please fix the audio it is way to loud and is starting to hurt my ears

Dino staring at your soul...

You can use an background remover.. Also I like your character, its pretty well made.

oh but did someone ask you to talk?, no so shut up

and then "a little 6 year old" you should've used "a little 13 YeAr OlD"

like just cause someone says mobile people are losers does not mean you should have to insult them, its just their opinion?

"you should say "at least 13" dumbass" like bro who uses dumbass in 2023?, I had have no comments saying "did somebody ask for you to talk?" your just a 11 year old who lies about their age and just wanted attention overall, please go get a life and quit yapping

i didn't know

you probably have to close and open unity back again or reinstall it