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Code is CMOG

i want taht

i play yes? if want join tell me i am in us

just try i am fineif u just put one character and have a vr player where it is asymetrical just try

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hey shark it worked i can do the project with u :D and we can just duplicate the character then change the controles to be the arrow keys the one pointing up is jump the one pointg down is coruch and the left and right arrow keys are movement

i need unity teems for some reason send a email to that is on my main which has unity teams!


what is ur email shark?

can u resend an invite

How to accept the invite?

my unity account is zoomzoom1001000

ok so my account is zoomzoom1001000 on unity but my gmail is and yeh


my account is zoomzoom1001000

excatly it was unexpected so delete it now or it wont be unexpcted >:C

my gmail is

i will be artist

hey wanan work togther i am good at modeling and at making levels first are you making a multiplayer game if so nice i can work with that and are you making a 3d game do tell me all of this and also what game engine?

Unexpected Jam community · Created a new topic wanan team

hi wanna team up i dont care who i need a coder modeler and a person to test the game please and thank you i will be happy for who ever wants to and it will be even better if you can make vr and multiplayer game u see where i am getting at right if not i mean we can make a vr multiplayer game!

I am great with making models and great with bringing things in if you wan t i can make a vr game with you

um i am good at making a game so but can we use something like amino cuz i dont like discord and what game engine if i can are we working on?

Vr multiplayer community · Created a new topic vr

Do it

we Have posted a new game!

Sorry about the delay of me releasing this it for some reason didnt go public!

I love it also could you add online multiplayer? or just local multiplayer

he could make it more like minecraft like make it so you can do MULTIPLAYER and plus he now could use the inter net to get multiplayer working