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Simple premise, but seems to work ok. The yellow? lights need to be explained a bit though, I used my flares up before I figured out those restored health.

Finally got a chance to play it. I really like the concept and the game itself is nicely done. The launching of the flares is a bit annoying because it didn't go where I wanted it to, but other than that the game feels really good. I wonder if it wouldn't be nicer to actually have a human model in the water though :)

interesting game design, felt a bit too slow, but I like the aesthetic. I don't understand about how to collect the data though, it seems like I'm just going around trying to kill the targetted ships, rather than finding some "beacons" kind of thing. Maybe make the data points a bit more obvious? Speed up combat a bit too. Also, it needs some kind of shield display.

Works well, although I think that one of the enemies is a bit overpowered considering they spam shells at you in a constant stream. Like idea of a shield though.

There seems to be a bug with the main menu, in that its not showing the mouse cursor when you first run the game, although it is there and can select the play button if you can figure out where the cursor is. Other than that, runs well, but its kind of hard to tell what to do, maybe could use some player feedback (direction markers on the HUD for example)

Worked ok, but there was a bug when being killed that stopped the menu's from going back to the start etc. Appreciate the gold ship though :)

Couldn't get the game to work, I don't think you packaged it properly? It needs more than just the executable.

I like the idea but it needs local multiplayer to really work as a game. Also needs respawns when you die.

Enemies don't move! Otherwise the level looks interesting enough.

Game works well enough, but I think you could have done some health regeneration or health pack pickups. Also, you should have some kind of magazine or ammo count on the gun. The AI also needs to be a little bit less immediate on spotting you.

Nice game, feels complete, a bit too difficult to start with. Consider difficulty curve as it ramps up?

Needs respawns and split screen multiplayer!

Damn that's hard! feels like you could use some playtesting to balance out the difficulty.