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Short but sweet. Will definitely play the sequel.馃憤

Simple yet effective and with a very surprising ending. Great work!

Looking forward to it :)

Very unique and promising! Looking forward to more from you!

I really like how all the chapters feel different. Keep it up馃憤

Glad you liked it!

Great update! Can't wait for the full game!

Thanks for letting me know! I'll make a video about it today :)

Exciting story and a great ending. Well done!馃憤

Quite stressful but also very enjoyable. Extra points for the captain馃憤

Nice worldbuilding, unique art style, and a surprising story. Excellent work!馃憤

50% not knowing what to do. 50% letting others do the work. 100% winning. 10/10

Riding a tank on the street has never been so much fun馃憤 10/10

Amazing game! Made a review.

Awesome Work! Can't wait for part 3!馃憤

Can't wait to have that drink with the bounty hunter - if he survived getting shot in the heart that is...

Truly a great racing game without any paranormal occurrences whatsoever馃憤 Now excuse me, I need to check those breakers in the basement...

Short and sweet game with a lot of potential. Good work馃憤

That's it! I'm not eating bananas again!

That was the most tense lasagna-making I ever experienced. 10/10. Would eat a pepper overdose again.

I think the intro should be skippable becaue seeing it over and over again when dying is a bit frustrating. But even with this small flaw the unique gameplay and atmosphere make this a very good game.馃憤

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Loving the gameplay and the atmosphere :D

Very unique and surreal atmosphere. Good work馃憤

Unique story and a very nice way of using the Minecraft setting for something else馃憤

Never before have I seen such an entertaining yet dramatic depiction of pineapple on pizza.

I got stuck at the end, but it seems pretty solid overall :)

Such a great concept for creating more options in games! I'm very excited to see where this will take us in the future!

Very unique concept and atmosphere. Well done!馃憤

Confusing... But still very good

Really cool concept. Hope to see more like it馃憤

I got stuck on the dog but it was still pretty funny馃憤

Well, I can't say the ending didn't surprise...

Really great concept and humour. Hope to see more of it馃憤

Tried to delete my saves. Game does not allow me to. 10/10. Would stick to walls again馃憤

Very unique and enjoyable concept馃憤

The controls killed me, but I think that there is a lot of potential. Keep it up馃憤

Very unique and well executed concept :)

Those other harvesters won't stand a chance!

So satisfying to play! Extremely well done!

Very unique and enjoyable story. Great work!