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Time passed very fast playing this :)

Got send on a mission by Bernie Sanders, almost gave up because of a piece of cheese, nearly executed the Ice Age Baby. 10/10. Would interrogate the mammoth again.

I expected something very different at first, but I'm very pleased with what it turned out to be :)

Stole pistols at poker tables, freed a bandit, made my horse drunk. 10/10. Would throw my lasso again.

Makes sense. Thank you :)

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The question of the whirpool in the sky, however, remains unanswered🤔

I guess I was to stupid for the puzzles, but the unique style was a joy nonetheless. Keep it Up!

I would have never thought that burning buttocks are so effective against giants. The more you know🧐

Unique monster: check

Mysterious atmosphere: check

Suspenseful story: check

Interesting characters: check

My desire for a full version: check

It's still pretty rough around the edges, but I'm curious to see were this project will go because the concept is very promising :)

That boss was putting up quite a fight but in the end he died and my shoes were alright.

I have never seen a game that was so stressful and satirical at the same time. Great job :)

I certainly did not expect it to go this way. Great game though :)

Glad you liked it :)

I never thought that this kind of game could have boss fights, but it was actually very good :)

I don't understand why people keep saying that this is a game. It's an exact simulation of how I mow my lawn🤔

I might have overdosed on kicked-in doors, but they kidnapped my shoes so what could I have done?

Really nice and unique twist on the dashing mechanic. Well done!

*All dreams have meaning*

My dreams:

This is just the kind of game pixel art needs: simple mechanics, a catchy soundtrack, an exotic setting, a high score, and secrets. Two constructive criticisms: 1) Warn the player before entering the shuttle so he doesn't accidentally end the game. 2) Change the colour of the aliens to something easier to spot (unless, of course, they are meant to be a bit tricky to see). Aside from that, I have nothing to add :)

Glad you liked it :)

You're welcome :)

I really enjoyed this game. The concept is unique, the music and artwork are calm and beautiful, and the gameplay has just the right mixture of simplicity and challenge. The only problem was that I accidentally killed myself because there was no warning when I took an action that exhausted all my knowledge :o But aside from that, this is an excellent game that I would love to see a full version of :)

Great concept and very refined for 48 hours! I could defintiely see this being expanded into a full version :)

I really love the vibe of it :) And the waffles, of course ;)

This was cute, sad, romantic, and funny all at once and only needed 11 minutes for it. Incredible work!

I really liked the artstyle and voice acting, and the twist got me too. Good game!

It's just amazing how much suspense and fear such a short and simple game can create. Great work!

I'm not a programmer, but I think that the files shouldn't try to kill the cursor🤔

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Went to buy dinner, got called by friends to buy even more, ended up robbing the store blind.

10/10. Would steal again.

I herewith order you to develop a full version, for I have to know the ending.

This concept is awesome! I really hope you'll make a longer game with it :)

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I'm not that much into endless runners, but I had some good fun with this one. Well done :)

It really brought home the idea of having 3 dimensions and was also a lot of fun. Well done!

I really liked the originality and intensity of it. The ritual, the story, the characters, and the atmosphere all felt unique and turned out be much darker than I expected. Extremely well done!

Anyone else remember playing these as a child? No? Well, anyway it wasn't as scary back then.

The vibe it has is just awesome! I could seriously see this as the setting of a really good cartoon. Great job 👍

This is a great concept! Already pretty advanced for being made in 50 hours, I would love to see it get expanded into a full version. Awesome job <3

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It's morbin' time!

It took me 298 rolls.

I made a video on it :)