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I can resize it by dragging the bottom right corner. Probably can you?

It depends what you play with. Either if you play with her boobs and vagina or if you play with her ass (and maybe hair/tail as well.)

You can uninstall the game and install the non-VR version within the installation options.

I noticed another bug with the VR.
I do not own a VR system if that might be a reason for it.

While she leans  on the table, if I toggle between each hands, trying to basically hold her with both at the same time, there are instances where she instantly moves back to stand still. From there, she can only be poked on the stomach and caressed on the shoulder. Therefore, a reset is necessary to do anything else.


Great move. I will still keep an eye open for your stuff. 

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If you play with her boobs, she will lay on her back, if you play with her ass, she will bow front.

No problem. Thanks a lot for the very quick reply. :)

The discord invite is invalid or expired.

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I just finished it. Great game. I gave a few hints for bugfix already. I hope everyone will give it a go. Some puzzles are a bit tricky and I wish there was more use to some sections (the dominatrix zone could use another puzzle maybe)