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Can't wait for Greg of the year edition. Great game

That was great I enjoyed that very much. This was a refreshing game to play as so many inde horrors on here are very basic, bland and unoriginal but this was great. Apart from the disturbing bits obviously... Anyway here is my playthrough i hope you enjoy it!

That was one hell of game! Thats an experience. Very unique and interesting. I made a short but enjoyable video so enjoy!

Neko Yume is on hell of a- well game i guess.

Its an experience! 

You won't find another game like this!

Fatum Betula was a very unique game! Looking forward to the full thing!

I played the Ramen game! It was a lot of fun as it was a very creative game. You can see my reaction here! 

This game was a lot of fun I played it on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk and thought i'd say hi here.  Keep up the great work! 

Thank you for watching it! I'll definitely have to check that out that sounds interesting.

This is a really cool idea and I'm glad you made this. I checked out Ode to the Moon which you can see here and I definitely plan on playing the other games. Great game and I'm looking forward to what the other games are like! Thank you!

Also this game is beautiful. Who knew a PS1 style game style game could look so amazing!

I played this on the PS1 demo disk game and absolutely loved it. Very unique and interesting well done. Keep up the great work and I'm looking forward to the full game!

Your welcome. Thank you for making it :)

I really enjoyed this game it has a great concept. Keep up the great work!

I'm glad this game will be something really great when it's finished. Your welcome and thank you that's appreciated!

Thank you it means a lot 🙏

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I hope the feedback doesn't come across as hostile in the video as that wasn't the intention. I enjoyed playing this and was impressed with the game and I'm looking forward to the final game when I'm sure it'll be great.

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I finally got around to playing it :) 

I enjoyed it and shared my thoughts about it in the video. 

You're very welcome!

Thanks for letting me know about this game! I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the video I made!

Oh I'll definitely be playing that :D

Thank you very much I really appreciate that it means a lot i'll definitely keep going and I'm glad you will too! 

I really enjoyed this and i'm definitely going to give your other Slender game a go. I gave you a follow as i'm interested in what other games you create in the future. Keep up the great work!

i haven't done a lets play in a long time. This was a great choice of game to get back into it with! Great game I enjoyed it :D

that's good to hear! 

I'm not sure if it came across in the video but I was actually very impressed with this. I really enjoyed it and I hope you carry on making games because your clearly good at it. Enjoy. Thanks.

Im really liking this game so far but it's hard. Any tips?

I love these kinda games they're so creative and fun

I played this its great. If you want to know what the game is like before buying you should check this out: