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Big Brain Time

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OMG I love it!

Hol up-

Hm... I have been playing this for about a year (yep.) so I am not exactly sure. Probably all most of them?

Oh yeah, this is big brain time.


Amazing game

but i dont know what button to press to deploy the parachute or the grappling hook

i just read the title and immediately thought of this:                                                                                                                                             Plant me daddy~

Why am i like this?

how am i supposed to know which way to go? im going the way the path goes but it says its wrong.

D: I sold mah yoda costume

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I dont understand why people like games like this. Why the hell do you WANT to rage???

the minute it started the camera spun for like a minute and then i got flund off the map, also laggy as hell

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ALL sounds are extremely glitchy

Please update the development and update log

i meant the comments, there hasnt been a comment for almost a month

also i think your game died oof

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i love the car but there isnt a flip button for when you flip upside down

It just shows a grey screen. i waited minutes for it to load, but it just plain refused to load. Hope you have a nice day!

Wont load.

uno reverse card

can we please go under the map, it ruined my underground bunker not being able to do that anymore! :(

No. Just No. everything about this, is No.

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Glitchiest game ever. Any time i got an item, the thing spazzed out, flinging everywhere.

Edit: now literally everything just spazzes out when i touch it.

also sometimes the game decides to just be dumb and make my cats do random stuff like literally just walk into the other teams cats, or something dumb like that.  Something is most definitely wrong with this game, but its cute at least!

(hitboxes?)  are wack


This doesn't make sense, am I dumb, or am I dumb?