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Zombie Jonny

A member registered Jan 28, 2023

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This game is so unique and fun! I love it! Definitely worth the money in my opinion!

the jump scares were on point. Great work!

I play every update you guys release and they have been sick a blast! Keep up the good work guy! 

Here my playthrough!

Nice short game. I like how the spawns were randomized.

Here is my playthrough!

really fun game! I love how I got the opportunity to fight back instead of running away the whole game. I made a you tube video, feel free you check out my playthrough!

those jump scares got me good! Great game!

absolutely loved the new updat, I can’t wait for more! Check out the video I made on it. 

this game was scary funny lol. Check out my video I made!

I Just Played the Full game a few days ago and I absolutely loved it! Great work! I also made a video so be sure to shell it out if you’d like!

the first playthrough was so good I decided to play it again to get the real ending and I was shocked!

I love these fan games! that maze at the end got me lol.

great game! That ending as kinda abrupt though lol. I made a video 😅

I Wish There Was More... | Whispers In The Pines

awesome game. I loved the concept!

Best short horror game Iv played on this site so far. I was legitimately scared lol. It was the not being able to see my surroundings and the creepy sounds that got me! Can’t wait to see more! I also made a video so be sure to check that out.


loved playing this game! I even and a video, Feel free to check it out

This game was pretty good. Got lost a few times but it was very fun to play. feel free to check out the video i made of me playing the game!

these jump scares though

so happy I played this! 

This Game was hilarious. Thanks for making this lol


great game. Them jump scare’s definitely got me lol

This Game was Hilarious!

I absolutely had a blast playing this game! makes me never want to babysit again. Cant wait to see what the next update has to offer! Keep up the good work! Feel free to check out my playthrough!

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great game! I really enjoyed playing this! Would love to see more!

 Contemp Short Horror Game

I really enjoyed this game! watch my gameplay

fun scary game! that burl really creeped me out! 

This game was Terrifying!

Awesome Game! I wish i could have played more