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I might play the game again when it comes out fully then! j

Really good game that's enjoyable just a little maddening haha

Thanks for linking me the game (: Enjoyed i and i gave you a few pointers ;)

Hey man! raelly enjoyed the game, i do wish i read the instructions before i got into the game haha, a few bugs here and there but otherwise, a nice game to waste some time on (:

Hey! little bit sad how long it took me to play this game but the gameplay was pretty good, didnt know what i was really doing :Pa few tips here and there would've been nice haha, but regardless was  a good game

Honestly such a great game, however after reaching wave 55 I'm not sure if there is an awful lot left to do, except expand and get more resources, but i did enjoy the game thank you (: Can't wait to see what other features come into this game! Would like to see a player teleporter or something

oooof can't wait for that then, I'll make sure to play more once thats done then

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Never really got as far as you did but i noticed the lack of optimization, however without trying to speak on behalf of him or take his fun job away hahaha. But after asking him on twitter he did he let me know that the optimization will be better on final release (:

Did i enjoy this game? YES! honestly although i felt like the attacking needs a bit of work and I'd like to see controller support or even just another way to attack. It was also an extremely enjoyable game that I'd happily play more of!

haha honestly it could've been my bad as well i think i subscribed on two different emails by accident when i first contacted you about the game haha, god damn that means waiting and bleh so impatient. Can't wait honestly though, any future of pre-ordering?

So i was just chilling out, then suddenly BAM! an email from hopfrog saying forager is on steam! so i rushed to steam and nope.. it was the exact same email i received ages ago saying its on steam to add to your wishlist. Boy not alot of games i want to play the moment i can, but this is one of them so freaking hyped!

did a playthough of this game a whiel ago i really enjoyed it and honestly can't wait to see where the future takes this game

Enjoyed the game and obviously did a little play of the game on my youtube however i felt like the game needed a little more too it

Great game all around for how early the game appears in development, music was nice to listen too but i messed it up in my playthough so i had to had it back in and hope i did it justice (: good luck in the future

haha it was an interesting game i didnt know what to expect :P but at the same time i liked that alot, wish you the best for the future (:

Really Enjoyed the game, i recorded for about 25minutes and had to cut it into two videos so there will be another one, but good luck for the gamejam and hope you keep working on this game (:

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Uncut and Uneditted and holy shit this game caught me off guard with so many things!

Honestly i really enjoyed this game, however the ui felt like a problem, that should be brought to attention

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Throughly enjoyed this game will be doing a series, but this first video failed really bad so it's used more as an intro to the series :P

Sorry to tell you but i broke the game.. twice.. HOWEVER was a good game and would happily play to waste time (:

Really enjoyed this game!! however i kept pressing the reset key by accident