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thank you - that´s much appreciated

A great looking game and an interesting story. I only wish the cursor would be more visible, sometimes i don't know where i am on the map. Collecting the cargo from the water was totally hit and miss.

awesome - i always hoped for something like loop hero on playdate! The main character is very cute

The game is cute as heck, fun to play with tight controls and a nice little story. Totally recommended. 

Fantastic game with so many hidden things and surprises. Great graphics, totally recommended. 

Absolutely awesome visuals, a lot of content, fun gameplay. Recommended!

thanks for the update 👍

Omg - thank you for this! I always wanted to have the mattel lcd game and this is as close as possible and even cuter!!

Just a wholesame experience. I need more of it - plllleeeaaase 🥹

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Zoing - das ist ja ne nette Überraschung, freue mich! Werde Dein game dort bestimmt beim Review mal zeigen.

One of my fav playdate games. It looks awesome, plays awesome and is worth every penny! 

Interessante Idee mit viel Potential. Spielt sich flüssig und sieht gut aus!

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I really like the graphics, but the movement  feels so slow

Marvelous! How is something like this even possible on pokitto? Optics, gameplay, cuteness level - everything absolutely brilliant.

Fun little game with a lot of content, good controls, great replay value and a hamster. Did i say hamster?

This is the kind of game you can literally play on any occasion and it never gets dull. Dolphins are cute of course, who could deny this?

As i like the original idea, i also like this version. It´s not looking outstanding, but the minimalistic touch is faithfull of it´s origins.

Not easy to make something like this on such a small device, but i love card games and so i think it has to offer a lot of entertainment

This is a classic of course and in this version also a unique approach. Might not be cute, but it hasn´t to be. Instead it is very polished in every detail

This is very cute and colorful. Because of the different game modes you have quite some time you can spend with this game.

This is a classic puzzler of course. Can´t go wrong with this. Great playability and presentation

Very ambitious project, of course everything is very small, but interesting how deep the gameplay is

Very (!) cute, nearly endless replay value for highscore chasers

Hi and thanks for these wonderful games. Tried to run them on THEC64. No problems with part I and II but 3 and 4 don‘t run (only the start menu).

Is there a way to find the instruction manual of part 1 and 2 somewhere? The pdf describes mainly part 3...

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Got the game for switch. It flew under my radar and i didn’t quite know what to expect. Glad i picked it up in a sale: It’s fantastic!

Absolutely fun and great graphics!

Thanks for your response 😊

As i don’t own the sd card device i really can’t answer this, sorry 

Thanks 😉

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For the C64 mini now exists a workaround for swapping disks creating a cjm file (this is for the pal version):


You have to have a main folder (e.g. called leo) where you put in the cjm, two subfolders with the name: side a/ side b. Put in the respective files for each disk in the corresponding subfolders and name them exactly the same way. If you are prompted to change disks, you just save and load from the second subfolder.

Very nice game, but i don’t like the long jumps and the fact that you have absolutely no clue where to find items on the ground, but overall a lot of fun!

The game (yes i know obitus) is a very good c64 port, nice graphics, very smooth and fully compatible with my c64 mini. 

Hi, could you please give some information about compatibility with the c64 mini?

Arrrgh soo cute and so damn hard :) Runs perfectly on my C64 mini and because i love the game so much, my husband built a custom coffee table for me! 

Just wow! Yes, i could have downloaded it for free, but this game is so much fun and has a great soundtrack. Runs perfectly on my C64 mini.